6 Tips for Avid Travelers Whose Partners are Homebodies

You agree that nothing develops intelligence like travel, feel sorry for people who have never left their birthplace, and a year without traveling is a total loss for you? Maybe, you’d even like to live your life traveling with your significant one like Herman and Candelaria, or want to age on the road together like […]

Six Essential Tips for Traveling With Chronic Conditions

Chronic conditions don’t have to make people feel restricted from traveling. However, they can cause hassles for people who don’t plan out the details of their journeys. Preparedness is often the difference between an incident-free trip and a stressful one. Get Your Doctor’s Approval One of the first steps of getting ready to travel is […]

Best Bike Trails in the US

Everybody is in such a rush these days that they don’t ever take the time to notice the scenery around them. They are either rushing to work or talking on their cell phones. Wouldn’t it be nice to just take some time off and leave all that behind for a few days? There are miles […]

Bizarre Delicacies: Interesting food from around the world

One person’s delight is another one’s disgust. Millions of people travel the world every year. Usually when you go somewhere you enjoy doing things that the locals do. You try to submerge yourself into their culture and try new things. One of the greatest joys of traveling is sampling the local delicacies. But what if […]

Long Flight Survival Kit

It doesn’t matter whether you are taking a five-hour flight from one side of the country to the other, or flying around the globe and skipping several time zones. There are things that you can do before the flight that will help once you get in the air. Here is my flight survival kit to […]

Travel Advice for Pregnant Women

Many women are discouraged by the thought of leaving town during pregnancy, and some are even downright scared. But armed with the right knowledge and tools, it can be safe and fun. Whether you’re planning a baby moon or have business meetings abroad, here is a primer on Traveling while pregnant. Read on for key […]

America’s Best Sandwiches

Essentially, a sandwich is made up of two pieces of bread with some sort of other ingredients in the middle. It’s convenient and can be eaten for basically any meal of the day. There are so many types that come in all different shapes and sizes. Whether you’re going on a road trip across the […]

Stay Healthy While Traveling

Although traveling is often fun and exciting, sometimes it can take its toll on the mind and body. Some challenges while traveling frequently are eating healthy, sleeping well, exercising regularly, and missing people back home. Here are some tips on how to stay healthy while traveling. Stress:  Many people get stressed out about traveling because they’re […]

Technology: Making Traveling Easier

With technology advancing and changing our lives every day, it is also changing the way we travel. Millions of travelers around the world are now making full use of the conveniences that technology has brought us, whether it’s planning a trip or staying connected with family, friends, and business while being away. Instead of having […]

Bring your vacation back to work

Have you just returned from an amazing vacation with your friends or loved ones? If so, it might be difficult for you to settle back into your daily routine. Vacations leave us feeling more carefree and at ease, yet as soon as we head back to the office, we tend to lose these feelings. So, […]

Stay Fit on Vacation

Breaking your day-to-day routine in order to go on vacation can be difficult. Maintaining parts of the day-to-day routine while on vacation sometimes seems impossible. It always seems that the first thing that magically falls off the to-do list the second we travel is daily exercise. I didn’t have room for my sneakers in my luggage. […]

Beat the Buffet this vacation!

Vacations are a blast, but it can often be difficult to eat healthy while travelling. The exotic foods, endless buffets, and freedom from routines can often be treacherous. Audrey Wilson at the Hawaii Tribune Herald offers great vacation suggestions: The Buffet is NOT ‘Supermarket Sweep’: “At a lunch or dinner buffet, which are sometimes “all-you-can-eat,” we think we […]