Long Flight Survival Kit

It doesn’t matter whether you are taking a five-hour flight from one side of the country to the other, or flying around the globe and skipping several time zones. There are things that you can do before the flight that will help once you get in the air. Here is my flight survival kit to help you land with less jet lag and fatigue.

1. Headphones or Noise-canceling headphones

Even if you don’t think you will need them, I suggest bringing them with you. Nothing makes it harder to go to sleep that a crying baby or the guy next to you that snores. Sure enough there will be noises on the plane that will annoy you, so all you will have to do is put those headphones in and turn the music on.

2. Drink Plenty of Water

I recommend packing your own bottle of water for the flight. This way you won’t have to rely on the flight attendant for when you get thirsty. Water will keep you hydrated , and will ease fatigue. Be sure to avoid caffeine and alcohol. Both of them can mess up your sleep cycle which will lead to jet lag once you land.

3. Entertainment

You don’t ever want to rely on airlines to supply entertainment on board the plane. If you have a smart phone then be sure to have a full battery charge and plenty of game apps downloaded. If you are a big movie person then I suggest bringing your laptop along, so you can insert your favorite movie. This will be sure to pass the time by quicker. Books and magazines are also another suggestion.

4. Eating Healthy

Airplane food gets the job done, but it’s rarely a satisfying meal.  If possible, pack a few healthy munchies to last you until you land at your destination. Fresh fruits and veggies may not hold up for the whole flight, but will be great toward the beginning, and granola bars are perfect for later in the trip.