[Infographic] 5 Steps Toward Vacation Rental Ownership

Vacation rental house

Home Rental! Every travel blog you read these days tells you to ditch the traditional hotel in favor of a cozy vacation rental. Boats, lofts and cabins are just some of the options you will find. And they come fully equipped with top amenities and absolute privacy so you feel at home away from home. […]

7 Exciting Destinations in the Outer Banks

Outer Banks Boathouse

Do you want to see the shortest and the oldest lighthouse in North Carolina? Let’s travel together to see the Ocracoke Lighthouse! And what about making great photos on a long coastline with sandy beaches like Southern Shores, Hatteras Island, and Kill Devil Hills? Also you can enjoy surfing, fishing, boating, shopping, visiting museums here. […]

The Budget Traveler’s Guide to Amsterdam

Sunset over the Amsterdam Canals

Welkom in Amsterdam! The Dutch cultural capital is rich of paradoxes: old and modern, traditional, yet so open-minded. Amsterdam reflects the best of everything the Netherlands have to offer to the world. It is hard to imagine that a city of such international significance has less than a million inhabitants. In fact, there are always […]

5 Fashion Accessories the US Gave the World

US Fashion Accessories: Cowboy Boots

A while ago, we took a close look at fashion trendsetting accessories from around the world. If you haven’t read it yet, go here and enjoy. Who would have thought that Americans adopted their iconic denim from France? Better yet, we owe the Panama hat to… Ecuador? Just to be fair and for fun, we […]

8 World October festivals Worth the Trip

La Calaca Festival - Modern twist to the Day of the Dead

Last week, we focus on the top US October festivals. It took us from the West Coast to the East to the Southern Voodoo festival. This week, we are going international. You know no one could mention October festivals without the German Oktoberfest. So hop in our party mobile as we visit the World’s best […]

Top College Tailgating Destinations

Walk of Champions - Top College Tailgating Destinations

The Travefy offices are practically in the shadow of the University of Nebraska’s Memorial Stadium, so we’re a little partial to college football around here. Though a bit biased, we feel like the Lincoln game day atmosphere is like no other (more on that later), but there are plenty of colleges who have developed tailgating […]

7 Essentials for a Useful Travel Safety Checklist

Travel safety checklist: finding the best travel resources

A smart traveler is an informed traveler. September is the Passport Awareness Month and we, at Travefy, are contributing the best we can. This week, let’s focus on what you should have on your travel safety checklist when planning a trip abroad. It involves, warning sources, emergency contacts, and more. 1. Travel advisories On the […]

3 Hotel Secrets That Will Save You Money

Well kept Hotel Secret

Who holds the keys to your stay in a hotel? The staff, of course. They know the ins and outs, and if you befriend them, they will let you in on little hotel secrets that will make your life so much easier. The Daily Beast shared a collection of such insider’s tips a while ago. […]

Tips To Consider Before Planning Your Next Trip

trip planning tip

Usually, whenever my girlfriends and I take a trip together, it is for relaxing. So we end up going to beaches, spas, anywhere calm, tranquil, away from the riff raff. Our main priority is to de-stress, recharge our batteries and come back completely rested. But last year we decided that it was time to make […]

The Quick Guide to the Top US October Festivals

October festival - Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

Hold it! Don’t put that party dress away quite yet. October is the time for one final showdown before Nature puts on that dreadful chilly white coat. There is a little time left to enjoy the ultimate warm days and outdoor events. Do it all in music, food, and style as we walk you through […]

Top Beach Destinations to Travel to This Fall

Point Reyes Beach

It’s official, Fall has begun. It doesn’t have to mean the end of sunny days, and fun water activities. If you are among those who seek a warmer weather when comes the autumn chill, October is the perfect time to travel. Escape to one of these great beach destinations to work your tan, dive into […]

Local Experience Travel: How to Do It Right

local experience: travel in India

Why are we casting such a negative light onto the term “tourist”? After all, a tourist is a traveler who visits a place for his own pleasure. That defines most (if not all) of us. Yet, we use it for people who seek top accommodations, fancy resorts, and who horde popular attractions. They often have […]