The Definitive Guide to Christmas in NYC

Get in the Holidays spirits

No matter how many times you’ve visited New York City, if you’ve never had the opportunity to experience NYC during the holiday season, you should start planning your next trip — yesterday. There’s no other city quite like New York, and New York knows how to bring it’s own distinct flavor to the holiday season. […]

New York City Is For Art Lovers

New York City is for art lovers

New York City is home to hundreds of museums, some of which are among the most famous in the world. Trying to explore them all can quickly become an overwhelming experience — even for a seasoned traveler. So, how does an art lover tour New York’s impressive cultural scene? Well, If you can’t spend half […]

NO WAY! TSA Confiscated This!

The big Crazy List of Stuff TSA seizes everyday

For many travelers, TSA is synonymous with body-searches, unnecessary stress, delays, and confiscating your belongings — but, screening almost 2 million air passengers daily means you’re bound to upset many. Yet,  the screenings result in an average of five firearms, and even more other types of prohibited items found in carry-on baggage each day. So, before […]

Five Unique Christmas Celebrations


Though traditionally one’s top option for a holiday getaway is to a family member’s home, maybe you’re looking to go somewhere other than over the river and through the woods this holiday season. Whether you want to celebrate Christmas in an unconventional way, or just to experience a new culture’s holiday traditions, we have the […]

5 Amazing Historical Marvels That Will Humble You

Bagan at Sunset

Asia is home to many of the world’s historical wonders. Many of them are part of the prestigious list of UNESCO’s world heritage site. Some, like Angkor Wat are world famous, while the temples in Burma are more off the beaten track. If you want  to visit the most amazing sites in the world, head […]

London’s Best Locations for a Romantic Christmas

Best romantic spots in London

Christmastime in London is when the city is at its most idyllic. Morning walks in the park are refreshing, people are snuggled under chunky knitwear, and there’s a light frost that reflects the sparkling Christmas lights strewn across the city. When the mercury starts to drop so does the number of tourists, making winter the […]

World’s Most Awesome Treehouse Hotels

World's coolest treehouse hotels

Do you think living in a treehouse is a privilege exclusive to Ewoks and Tarzan? Treehouse lodgings have blossomed worldwide to become a lodging option for adventurous travelers. However, don’t think of them as your childhood tree fort — they are more than plain planks of wood nailed to a tree, and have all the luxurious […]

5 Epic Road Trips To Take At Least Once In A Lifetime

Must-take Road Trip Inspirations

A road trip — be it with a car, bike, or even roller skates — is the coolest type of group travel there is. You choose where and when to go, and do so at your own pace. But, no matter the feel of your road trip, the toughest choice is the itinerary. In the […]

5 European Romantic Getaways To Fall In Love

Top European romantic getaways

Looking for a romantic getaway? You are not the only one. Urban life and our constant pursuit of happiness has us stuck in a monotonous life where we push love and romance to the background. Time to break the routine and rediscover your love, and you shouldn’t wait for Valentine’s Day for that. Here are […]

7 Reasons Why Amsterdam Will Ruin You For Good

5 Reasons to never visit Amsterdam

It feels right to warn you not to visit Amsterdam — unless of course, you are willing to leave your old life behind and move there. Amsterdam is an awesome city with a little old, a lot of new, and a rich cultural heritage to fall in love with. Should you decide to visit anyway, […]

Top 10 Travel YOLO Experiences as Voted by Students [Part 2]

Top YOLO experiences to have in a lifetime

Some travel experiences are just out-of-this-world. You live them once and never again, because you know it was – -or rather, is — a moment that you own forever. I stumbled upon a top 10 list of once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences that UK students wanted to live out at all costs. If you haven’t read the […]

Istanbul: How To See The City In Just 10 Places

Turkish tea near the Bosporus - Istanbul

Istanbul is the biggest city in the Turkey, and its economic, cultural and historical heart. With its ancient yet vivid culture and its attractions, Istanbul is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. If you are planning to visit this wonderful metropolis, here are my top 10 experiences you should not miss. 1. […]