Big #TROBLEMS for Your Spring Break

#TROBLEMS: Or how Spring Break goes from awesome to nightmare

Travel + Problems = Troblems! Our travel-problems-solving world got rocked by #TROBLEMS, a brilliant ad campaign put together by the Jacht Ad Lab, the student ad agency of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. What makes #TROBLEMS so great? Short, witty videos depicting group travel pains everyone can relate to; from collaborating on trip details to sharing […]

10 Music Festivals To Visit This Summer In The US

Burning Man and other wild American celebrations

The USA has an incredible festival history. We are after all the country gave the world Woodstock and brought Tupac back to life. If you haven’t visited one of the country’s music festivals yet, make it happen this summer. Throw a tent in your trunk, pack up on snacks and friends and hit the road. Here […]

Your Guide to International Travel Documents [EBOOK]

Everything You Wanted To Know About International Travel Documents

Many only caress the dream of International travel. College students want to tour Europe. Others want to cruise the Caribbean to visit its postcard-perfect beaches. Let’s not forget the adventurous explorers preparing for their African safaris, or the backpacking globetrotters constantly between two destinations. All these travelers, crossing international borders, will have to face and […]

These Twitter Travel Chats Want You To Join In.

Top Twitter Travel Chats To Take Part In

If you are a true travel fan, you really should head to Twitter now and then. There are many travel chats taking place. These 30-90-minute-sessions bring together all the experts in the industry. We love getting to know people in the travel community. There is so much to exchange and even more to learn from […]

5 Educational Travel Destinations to Visit Today

Top school trip destinations in the USA

Traveling with classmates can be a bit aggravating, especially when the destination leaves little for you to enjoy. Think boring museums and long walking tours. But when you’re heading out to explore any of these five school trip destinations, you’ll find nothing but captivating history and culture. The trip will feel less like school and […]

The Perks Of Traveling With Friends

The perks of traveling with friends

Be it the the chats that shorten long drives or just expense sharing and group deals, there are some perks to traveling with friends. Before you rule out the company of others on your trips, consider the benefits. In this post, we count down 12 of the best. 9. Personal Photographer Tired of stretching your arms every […]

Top 7 Reasons To Visit Ireland This Year

Top 7 reasons to visit Ireland today

According to the Huffington Post, the top five most visited countries in Europe last year were France, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, and Germany. A lot of tourists pack immediately and flock to these popular and classic countries. Lonely Planet said that it is about time for people to see Ireland. It is a astonishing country […]

Your Offbeat Guide to Valentine’s Day


Here comes the dreaded Valentine’s Day. Few admit it, but we all put a lot of thoughts into it, crafting the perfect date, finding the mindblowing gifts, albeit, searching for that special touch that will rekindle the flame like never before. I don’t know what your go-to romantic gesture is, but here are 7 offbeat […]

5 Things You Must Eat in New York City

Iconic foods you must eat in New York City

New York City holds a special place in our hearts here at Travefy. Some of us grew up in the Big Apple, and others have visited so often, they consider themselves locals. So when I chose this concrete jungle as the place I want to explore in 2015, I had more than enough recommendations and […]

5 Reasons Why London Has The Coolest Free Attractions

Best free London attractions

When you plan your trip through Europe, do you have plans to stop in London? Well, you should. The English capital is a fantastic destination for lovers, history buffs, and budget travelers. Yes, budget travelers! Like most European capitals, London has all the finest restaurants and top-class amenities. Unlike other world-class capitals, most London attractions […]

It’s A Party: Top 10 NightClubs In America

Top 10 American Nightclubs to Party With Friends

Flashing lights and beautiful people dancing to your favorite tunes. Dance nightclubs are sure options to end an epic night out. It turns out America is not shy of options in this matter. From the good old venues in Hollywood to  best booming nightclubs, here is a rating list of the US’s top nightclubs to […]

Top 7 Places On Earth To Watch Rare Birds


Do you enjoy sitting on a bench in the park, observing birds? Do you love how birds wake you up in the morning with their beautiful variations of chirp? Are you so eager to discover new kinds of birds other than the usual feathered creatures you see near your town? If you said yes to […]