Going All Out: 13 Activities for a Tame Bachelorette Party

Wine tasting with the bachelorette ladies

All the ruckus of a Hollywood bachelorette party might be an ideal that you don’t aspire to achieve. You’ve moved on from the need for pink plastic headbands, phallic-shaped cakes, and heavy drinking in high heels, which was more your style in your early twenties. Here are awesome, tasteful activities that you and the ladies […]

7 Must-See Places in the Quebec Area

Rocher percé - Québec, Canada

If Quebec City is a wonderful city set outside of time, it’s because it’s in a region that is as atypical as it is picturesque. The world recognizes the uniqueness of the Quebec province — though some may make fun of their die hard adherence to French, most admire their authenticity. As a traveler, you […]

5 of the World’s Deepest Places

deepest places in the world

Last week, we climbed thousands of miles to discover the highest places in the world. What if we took a time out to explore caves, lakes and other endless pits that hold world records of depth? The second installment of this three-part series will take us to places of unsuspected beauty, hidden deep beneath sea […]

Toil and Trouble: Four Real Life Witches

Real Life Witches - Marie Laveau

Though ghosts, vampires, and zombies may also be synonymous with Halloween, no supernatural entity has had quite the effect on society as the witch. While it’s pretty simple to prove you’re not a member of the undead, those accused of witchcraft had no true way to prove they were not a witch – leading to […]

Turkey in 5 Mind-Blowing Destinations

Turkey mosque

Turkey is a sumptuous and gorgeous destination every traveler should visit at least once in a lifetime. Its smaller part is in southeastern Europe and larger part is in western Asia. As so, Turkey is a great country with many travel destinations that will please every type of traveler. Read on to discover my top 5 […]

9 Dishes to Change your Conception of Indian Food Forever

Indian Food to try: the samosa

India is a vast country with a mix of diverse cultures. Every Indian state has its own language, dialects, traditions, and festivals. It comes as no surprise then that the food consumed in one state is different from that consumed in another. Indian food is influenced by religious beliefs and cultural choices. For instance, Indians […]

Better Travel Photography Composition as Easily as 1,2,3

better photography composition

Have you ever looked at photos posted online by friends and wondered how they manage to make them look so good? Exactly how they do it may not always be obvious, but the key to better photos is to improve your own photo skills. If you haven’t read our best travel photography tips, check those […]

5 Weird foods You Won’t Dare to Eat

Weird Food from around the world - Sannakji

Every foodie knows that the presentation of a dish counts as much as it tastes. In fact, one could argue that it is the appetizing look that invites people to try it. But for the delicacies above, you will need to make abstraction of all your gastronomic preconceptions. So strengthen your stomach and sink your […]

The Top 9 Places to Visit in Quebec City

Panoramic view of Quebec City

How good is your French? Toronto, Vancouver and, Montreal might be popular Canadian destinations, Quebec City is unique. This French bastion harmoniously blends the old and the new to offer visitors an experience set out of time. Should you decide to visit –and you must-, here are the essential places you just can’t miss. photo […]

7 Most Fascinating Ghost Towns around the World

Ghost town broken sign

There is something disturbing about ghost towns. How can whole communities abandon their homes? The tales behind some of these places nourish imagination and legends. Some have a scenic although melancholic beauty, others are just terrifying. Yet, they are all peculiar attractions you should add to your travel bucket list. photo credit: Duda Arraes via […]

5 of the Highest Places on Earth to Visit

World's Highest Waterfalls: the Angel Falls in Venezuela

So you think the Everest is the highest mountain in the world, or that the panoramic views from the SkyDeck is the most amazing there is? Well, hold those thoughts as we go on an awesome world tour of the highest places worth a visit! Each of these five destinations also hold the record of […]

San Francisco: Top 10 Free Things to Do

San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco is a beautiful city with fantastic attractions and all the amenities visitors could hope for. It is only getting better with a stable economy, and investment into top-notch infrastructures. This means great activities and events you should always feel great to undertake when you visit. So to inspire your next travel to the […]