7 Wacky Themed Hotels around the World

7 themed lodgings around the world

What is your darkest fantasy or your favorite bedtime story? What if you could live with Trolls or wake up in a new Bugatti? Most travelers don’t give much thoughts into lodging options other than price and amenities. But with a little imagination, you will find cozy b&bs and lodgings that bring dreams to life. […]

5 Reasons Seasoned Travelers Pack light (Infographic)

5 Reasons to Pack Light

If you want to feel at home on the road, no need to pack the whole house. In fact, the more you take along the less comfy and convenient the trip will be. Don’t think only backpackers have to pack light. Here are 5 reasons seasoned travelers pack light. No doubt it will convince you […]

How to Keep Travel Documents Safe Abroad

Carrying Travel Documents Abroad

One of the handiest things I do when traveling is scan all my travel documents. As both mum and I travel with tablets (like iPads), when I scan the items I create a folder and store all the copies of the documents there. I upload these to my tablet, my phone, and I email them […]

10 Travel Tips for a Blissful Australia Trip

Australia Sidney Opera House

Australia is one big country with world renowned places to visit. The country is full of inspiring natural wonders. Its natural parks, game parks, and exciting beaches make it a perfect holiday destination. People often wonder how to enjoy their time in Australia without breaking the bank. No worries! Here are travel tips for every […]

7 Weird Tourist Attractions You Would Want to See

7 weird tourist attractions you must visit

Why do we travel? Often it is to witness all the wonders in this world. Among these marvels, some are incredible oddities. The following 7 weird tourist attractions are man-made. They are awesome and freaky at the same time. 1. Johnson’s Giant Twine Ball – Darwin, MN For reasons lost to mankind, Francis Johnson rolled […]

The Offbeat Honeymoon

The Offbeat Honeymoon

Modern honeymoons largely fit a mold: the two of you decide on a destination, one of the pair is tasked with the bulk of the planning process, and you’re off to your destination – usually involving the phrase “all-inclusive” — a few days after your wedding. Those honeymoons are awesome, but sometimes couples looking for […]

Going All Out: Double Trouble Joint Bachelorette in Boston

Joint Bachelorette in Boston

Two medical residents at a hospital in a Boston suburb held a joint bachelorette party! All the girls spent one epic Saturday night together in Boston. The size of their party attracted plenty of attention from other club-and bar-goers. I spoke to Lilly, a fellow medical resident and one of the main joint bachelorette organizers. […]

7 Weird Ways the World Likes its Coffee

World Coffee Styles

How do you like your coffee? Straight from Starbucks, no doubt. Some of us just rely on the sock juice at the office for our daily caffeine fix. There are various (often better) ways to savor a morning Joe, though. On your good days, you might fancy an espresso, or a caramel latte. Well, some […]

7 Essential Lodging Tips for a Peaceful Stay

Lodging tips for peaceful hotel stay

Smart travelers know how to navigate through all the pitfalls of a journey. From planning to surviving life on the road, there are clever tricks and tips that guarantee you have a trip as smooth as possible. A sleazy hotel room or a pricey meal can ruin your vacation. When choosing where to stay, it […]

[Infographic] 5 Steps Toward Vacation Rental Ownership

Vacation rental house

Home Rental! Every travel blog you read these days tells you to ditch the traditional hotel in favor of a cozy vacation rental. Boats, lofts and cabins are just some of the options you will find. And they come fully equipped with top amenities and absolute privacy so you feel at home away from home. […]

7 Exciting Destinations in the Outer Banks

Outer Banks Boathouse

Do you want to see the shortest and the oldest lighthouse in North Carolina? Let’s travel together to see the Ocracoke Lighthouse! And what about making great photos on a long coastline with sandy beaches like Southern Shores, Hatteras Island, and Kill Devil Hills? Also you can enjoy surfing, fishing, boating, shopping, visiting museums here. […]

The Budget Traveler’s Guide to Amsterdam

Sunset over the Amsterdam Canals

Welkom in Amsterdam! The Dutch cultural capital is rich of paradoxes: old and modern, traditional, yet so open-minded. Amsterdam reflects the best of everything the Netherlands have to offer to the world. It is hard to imagine that a city of such international significance has less than a million inhabitants. In fact, there are always […]