Travel Photography Tips: Make Amazing Vacation Photos

travel photography tips

Travel and photography go together like globetrotting and passport. It is through your pictures that you immortalize and share your experience with others. You want to capture the moment to always be as amazing as you lived it. You don’t need expensive gears or pro level skills for photos that stand out. If you want […]

7 Different Bachelorette Gifts

Mimosa Bar Kit - Different Bachelorette Gift

Though it may be easy to head to the nearest kitchen appliance or lingerie store when tasked with getting a gift for a bachelorette, if you want to stand out, think outside of the box (or, in some cases, inside of it). A Bachelorette Party or Bridal Shower is a great opportunity to get a […]

Tour Europe without Ever Leaving the USA

Tour Europe

Have you been putting off your Europe tour for too long? Maybe for lack of time or money? You live in the US and that is a huge step closer to Europe. How so, you ask? It turns out, within the country’s borders, Americans have erected monuments and whole areas that perfectly mimic popular tourist […]

Choosing a Hotel: How to Find the Best One for You

Choosing a hotel that is just right for you

So you and your friends have decided to go on a trip. One of your main and first concerns would be the choice of lodging. We all rely on different factors when it comes to choosing a hotel, hostel, or vacation rental. Some rely only on hunch, experience, or word of mouth. Others pick according […]

5 Fun Family Outings to Try Today

Family Outing to a Summer Festival

It’s a sunny summer Sunday and it would be a shame to park the kids in front of a TV. Instead, why not head out and make the day special. Of course, you are already thinking that it would need planning and extra expenses. You are in luck; here are 5 fun family outings you […]

5 tips for Cheap Cross Country Moves

Cross country moves

Cross country moves and overseas relocations don’t have to be expensive. With proper planning, they can be as low-cost as they are amazing ideas. In general, interstate removal process of a three-bedroom house can cost up to $1500. But why pay that much when you have ways to get it down and still have a […]

These are the Dumb Laws You Break Everyday

Rows of book in a library

Just for fun, let’s have a look at some of the craziest laws still in force in the US. You might come across them under the name “dumb laws”, and that is because they sounds too weird (and funny) to be true. You don’t believe me? Keep reading, you’ll see. I discovered these “dumb laws” […]

Gym Tourism: Staying Fit on the Road

Paddle Board Yoga - Gym Tourism

Any seasoned traveler knows how difficult it can be to stay healthy on the road. Hotel gyms are hit and miss, trips are often jam-packed, and there’s far too much awesome new food to not give into temptation. However, by hitting a new gym while hitting the road, you can try out unique activities you […]

Bachelorette Party in Montreal: the Wild One-Day Itinerary

summer festival in Montreal

Looking for a cool destination to spend one last mindless time with the girls? Consider Montreal. Yes Montreal, Canada. Party rockers swear by the quality of the nightlife on St Laurent Boulevard, and Crescent Street. By day and by night, you will meet the most beautiful people in the most gorgeous places you will ever […]

Istanbul: The Budget Traveler’s One-Day Itinerary

Coastline of Istanbul

Istanbul might not be the capital of Turkey, it is, by far, its most populous and attractive city. Master Card 2013 report ranked it the sixth most visited tourist destination in the world. With all the crowd and attention, you might fear that Istanbul would be too expensive to visit. Worry not. We got you […]

Travefy is now integrated with Concur!

Import Concur Travel to Travefy

We’re thrilled to announce that Travefy is now integrated with Concur. Concur, the leading provider of spend management solutions and services, serves over 25 million customers annually. These users can now connect their Concur account to Travefy. With this connection, any itineraries booked in Concur automatically flow into Travefy. We’re ecstatic to be working with […]

5 WiFi Hacks for the Everyday Traveler

Free Wifi Hack

Hello Monday! New week, new hopes, and a new page of our ongoing series of the best travel tips on the web. In case you missed our two other posts, go back and read them. They will help you improve your packing and booking skills. This time, let’s look at some simple WiFi hacks (all […]