Your World Guide to Thanksgiving Celebrations

Erntedankfest germany: thanksgiving celebration

The world loves Thanksgiving just as much as Americans do. Every culture on Earth has reasons, along with their own ways,  to give thanks for the blessing of the harvest and the good in their lives. Let’s not pay attention to festivities copied- and-pasted off the American version. Instead, here are 5 original thanksgiving celebrations […]

[Infographic] Explore the Family-Friendly Las Vegas

Explore the Family-Friendly Las Vegas

Is there such a thing as a family-friendly Las Vegas? Sin City may not have the reputation of a family-oriented tourist hotspot, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t things to do and see while in town with the kids. Although children and teenagers aren’t allowed on casino floors, many Vegas institutions, world-renown for gambling, have […]

9 Movie Locations You Should Visit Today

Walking Dead movie location

Ah yes! The movies, the silver screen and the perfect worlds we’d all like to live in. It’s great when you come across a place used in movies, you can’t help the nostalgia. There are even a lucky few who just happen to stumble upon a film set when walking around. But for those who […]

Chicago is for Art Lovers: 12 Things to Do At All Costs

Chicago Skyline

Ask me what I love most about Chicago, having lived there for nine years, and my hands cannot type fast enough.  Ask me for 10 of my favorite things to do in Chicago and I beg, “Can’t I do twelve?” Culturally and experience wise, Chicago is truly one of the richest cities in the world. […]

Thanksgiving Dishes with a Twist

Thanksgiving with a Twist - Pumpkin Bread Pudding

Though most holidays have a particular food item associated with them, Thanksgiving dinner is the rare meal that doesn’t vary much from household to household. No matter where you’re spending your Thanksgiving, it’s a pretty safe bet you’ll see turkey, stuffing, green bean casserole, rolls, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie. However, just because a Thanksgiving […]

7 American Landmarks Famous Worldwide

American landmarks: Statue of Liberty, NYC

Unlike some smaller countries, the USA is far too large for a “quick trip” to do it justice. There are too many monuments and other attractions for one to see — you could spend a lifetime hitting all the sites the USA has to offer. Because international travelers are most likely tight on both time […]

Road Tripping The US’s Greatest Architectural Masterpieces

Architectural Masterpiece: Falling water by Frank Lloyd Wright

Not only is Frank Lloyd Wright, the Greatest American of All Time but he is also has designed ageless architectural masterpieces that still inspire designers today. four of his buildings made the AIA’s list of top ten greatest buildings of the 20th century. They are all still functional and timeless tributes to this Chicagoan genius. […]

5 Tips to Improve Group Travel Safety

Group travel safety tips

The best part of group travel is that sense of security your travel buddies will give you. It is great to know there is someone looking for you and that you can also feel responsible for someone. Sadly, at times, it is those same people that will easily get you in trouble. In order to […]

Ten Amazing Things to do in India

Ganga pano india

The beauty of India lies in its diversity. India has an incomparable range of landscapes, people and cultures. It would take a lifetime to explore this great nation and study what is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. Yet, here are ten amazing things to do in India to get a real sense […]

Snorkel at the Hidden Beach of the Marieta Island

The Hidden beach at the Marieta Islands, Mexico

According to an article published with The Daily Beast, the Mexican shore is full of mysterious beaches. Among these, a donut-shaped islet on the Pacific coast of Mexico. The island has a hidden beach, in a hole drilled into its central core and has been baffling geologists due to the presence of volcanic stone. Photo credit: […]

The Genius of Chicago: Frank Lloyd Wright

Falling Water designed by Frank Lloyd Wright

Toward the end of the 20th Century, the American Institute of Architects named Frank Lloyd Wright the Greatest American Architect of All Time. Most of the buildings that Frank Lloyd Wright designed continue to this day to be listed at the top of all architectural lists of excellence. For instance, four of his buildings featured […]

Think Outside the Bar: 5 Bachelorette Alternatives

Bachelorette Party Alternatives - Bridal Paintball

Maybe you have an underage bridesmaid, maybe you’re looking for something a little different, or maybe the bar scene just isn’t your thing. Regardless of what makes you want to think outside the bar, there are plenty of bachelorette party alternatives. So forget about the VIP line, and put that bachelorette bingo sheet back on […]