5 Excellent Government Travel Resources to Bookmark

finding the best travel resources

What is your go-to source when planning a trip? I like to think Travefy comes first, followed by websites with user-generated content. Reviews and tips from fellow travelers are insightful data you can relate to and trust. But sometimes, the most accurate and updated guides come from governments. Save the following travel resources. You will […]

Sri Lanka: Amazing Tourist Attractions You Must See

Negombo beach - sri lanka

Are you tired of the stressful heat in the lowlands? Sri Lanka has quite many cool islands favorable for relaxing in a cool breeze. It is also famous for its mountainous regions, which home national parks and tea plantations. Photo credit: zafroy via pixabay The cool climate in the highlands contrasts with the scorching heat […]

7 Tips for Female Solo Travelers

female solo traveler

Be it for personal or business reasons, there are more and more female travelers around. They embrace the road with all its thrills and dangers. Maybe a little more than men, women need to be careful when traveling alone. So below are some general and safety tips every female solo traveler should follow. Beware of […]

7 Staycation Ideas for a Fun Vacation at Home

Staycation get-together for the foodies

School is back in session and with it, College Football is kicking off. At the same time, here comes Labor Day along with the last weekend of summer (at least that is what most of us think of it). If you haven’t put much thoughts into activities, and won’t have the time for a trip, […]

Four Unique Races Worth Going the Distance

Chiditarod - Unique Races

Unique races are running a circuit throughout the U.S. and beyond, however, those of us at Travefy are fans of getting outside of our home turf and taking advantage of new and exciting experiences. Today we’re bringing you some awesome races you won’t see making the rounds. Though you might not find these unique races at […]

Beach Bachelorette Destinations

Beach Bachelorette Party

If you’re anything like those of us here in Nebraska, though Labor Day may still be all about summer fun, you’re already accepting the fate of winter temperatures and looking forward to next summer (once Husker football season is done, that is). It might be a bit too late to plan a beach bachelorette party […]

Labor Day Festivals Worth a Last Summer Road Trip

Staycation - Labor Day Festivals

Here comes Labor Day weekend! This is your last chance to catch some last summer fun before it goes with the autumn wind. With school back in session, you might be looking for a short, fun, and cheap getaway. You are in luck! There are Labor Day festivals that have become popular enough to be […]

5 Travel Essentials You Shouldn’t Overlook

Road planning

There are some details you should not neglect when planning a trip. Full-fledged globetrotters have to-do lists that help them secure every single little item they will need during their journey. Below are 5 of the most overlooked of those travel essentials. Some take time to secure; others are those things we easily forget. Remember: […]

Why You Should Visit Singapore Right Now!


Singapore, (also called the ‘lion city’) is one of Asia’s favourite holiday destination. Polished, pampered and full of joy, Singapore packs quite a punch in a small package. Full of character and accommodation, the city is alive throughout the night and bustling all through the day.   Photo Credit: tpsdave via pixabay Singapore will fulfill […]

How to Plan an Awesome Travel Themed Wedding

travel themed wedding cake

You have read the books, watched the shows but still don’t know what the best way to plan your wedding is. I was lucky enough to attend a one-of-its-kind ‘travel themed wedding’ hosted by a distant family friend. Believe me, it was EPIC! In this article, I am going to share with you some of […]

Signature Dishes: A Foodie’s Guide to US Top Destinations

Cuban Sandwich - Tampa signature dish

What do you travel for? What gets you going? For most of us, we want to see the most popular landmarks and attractions and consequently limit our explorations to the tourist traps. “Real” travelers, however, seek out that little plus, a site or attraction unique to the place they visit. For instance, recent years have seen the […]

Travel Photography Tips: Make Amazing Vacation Photos

travel photography tips

Travel and photography go together like globetrotting and passport. It is through your pictures that you immortalize and share your experience with others. You want to capture the moment to always be as amazing as you lived it. You don’t need expensive gears or pro level skills for photos that stand out. If you want […]