Bizarre Delicacies: Interesting food from around the world

One person’s delight is another one’s disgust.

Millions of people travel the world every year. Usually when you go somewhere you enjoy doing things that the locals do. You try to submerge yourself into their culture and try new things. One of the greatest joys of traveling is sampling the local delicacies.

But what if that delicacy isn’t so…delicate?

You might think you won’t like something by the way it looks or smells, which in some cases may be true. On the other hand, you might actually enjoy the delicacy and be thrilled that you taste tested it. There are foods throughout the world that we can’t even imagine eating, but I say “go for it!”. Here is my list of the most bizarre foods in the world:


Here are some words of wisdom: smell after you swallow, and swallow only when you’re absolutely sure. Oysters are one of the riskiest foods that the U.S. regulates. A lot of people eat raw oysters, but they rank as one of the highest potential outbreak-causing foods in the world. There are two pathogens that can cause fever, septic shock, blistering skin lesions, and even fatal septicemia.

They are also DELICIOUS!


This is native to West Africa, but it is mostly seen in Jamaican cuisine. Even though it is growing in popularity, it has yet to appeal to the majority outside of Jamaica. With the common name “vegetable brain”, it would seem that it would reach out as one of the better delicacies. But the pear-shaped pods of this West African tree can deliver a deadly bite if eaten prior to ripening. There are numerous reports every year of tourist and locals that start vomiting, then progress to seizures, and death is a very real risk. The main thing when picking these pods is patience. You have to wait until the absolute right time otherwise it could end very badly with the person that is consuming this cuisine.


In Korea, the consumption of live octopus tentacles is considered a delicacy. The tentacles are removed from the body, and they are cut into bite-sized pieces. They are usually covered with a few other oils and seasonings, but not to many people would be able to handle eating their food that have live suction cups. A huge problem when eating this Korean delicacy is that the tentacles sometimes get caught in your throat. Since the suction cups are still active, they are a major choking hazard. The biggest tip you can get when eating Sannakji is that it’s best to chew it 50 times before swallowing.

There are numerous other delicacies out there that are just as strange or bizarre as those mentioned above. Depending on what you are willing to try, there is almost anything you can imagine.

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