Best Bike Trails in the US

Everybody is in such a rush these days that they don’t ever take the time to notice the scenery around them. They are either rushing to work or talking on their cell phones. Wouldn’t it be nice to just take some time off and leave all that behind for a few days? There are miles and miles of bike trails throughout the United States that take you across some of the most beautiful terrain that you will ever see. Some bike trails will take you past national monuments, across rivers, and over some of the steepest mountains. Biking isn’t for everybody, but if you enjoy the outdoors and getting a little exercise then I would highly recommend taking a trail ride along some of these paths. Check out the best bike trails in the U.S:

1. George S. Mickelson Trail – South Dakota

The bike trail is 109 miles that runs through most of the Black hills from the North end to the South. During the summer months you would need to be careful of rattle snakes and don’t even bother bringing your cell phone along because you won’t be able to get reception anyways. It would be just you and the beautiful outdoors. The slopes aren’t very steep so people of all ages are able to use the trail. During the winter months, the do allow snowmobiling along some of the trail.

2. Coeur d’Alenes Trail – Idaho

This trail follows the Union Pacific railway from Mullan to Plummer. These 71 miles of bike trail takes you through numerous types of scenery. You will pass through mining country, densely wooded forests, riversides, marshlands, and finishes up in prairie land. Along the way you will pass the Coeur d’Alenes lake, which offers one of the best views you could experience. It offers one of the easiest surfaces to ride on as it is smooth asphalt, and that makes it perfect for bike riding as well as access for skating and wheelchairs.

3. The Colorado Trail – Colorado

This path is recommended for some of the more experienced bike riders. The trail is 470 miles long and will take you from the fast paced city of Denver all the way to the hills of Durango. There are numerous hills, which makes it one of the more physically demanding paths that you could take. It takes you through the spectacular Colorado Rocky Mountains, and trail users experience six wilderness areas and eight mountain ranges topping out at 13,271 feet. If a traveler were to ride across the whole path they would climb in elevation by 89,354 feet.

4. Maah Daah Hey Trail – North Dakota

This 96-mile trail will take you through the Teddy Roosevelt National Park. It is a single-track path that will take you across some of the most rugged terrain in the region. It would be best to travel with at least another traveler since it is very harsh conditions to ride in. Besides the trail, a few other things you have to worry about are rattlesnakes, flash floods, and hailstorms.

These paths range from fairly smooth to very rough terrain, so depending on what you feel like trying there is something out there for everybody. You could either travel this land by yourself or with a partner, but just make sure you take plenty of water and take breaks whenever you need them.