Technology: Making Traveling Easier

With technology advancing and changing our lives every day, it is also changing the way we travel. Millions of travelers around the world are now making full use of the conveniences that technology has brought us, whether it’s planning a trip or staying connected with family, friends, and business while being away.

Instead of having to lug around a heavy laptop, we can bring our tablets or iPads on the plane with us, which are so much lighter and more convenient. We have digital cameras small enough to fit in our pockets instead of carrying around a heavy camera or video camera. We don’t even need to bring a camera at all with the help of our smart phones that take crystal-clear pictures and videos.

So, what will you pack on your next trip besides your smart phone and tablet? Here are a few cool gadgets that will help make traveling easier:

1. Trakdot Luggage Tracker:

From anywhere inside your bag, this small FAA-compliant and FCC-certified device that continually monitors cell networks to determine it’s location. It even automatically goes to sleep during the flight! Once you land, it wakes and sends you a text or email to let you know where it has been and now is. You can also track the device through the website or optional app, which conveniently alerts you when your luggage is within 30 feet of you.

2. Ziplinq Power Chord:

In an airport or even a hotel room, finding a convenient electrical outlet is sometimes difficult. The Ziplinq Retractable 5’ Power Cord has a three-prong connector, and it can accommodate heavy-duty devices yet still retracts its full five-foot length into a compact roll. This makes it very convenient to travel with.

3. PocketCell Duo: 

This is a small, pocket-sized battery, less than four inches tall by two inches wide. It fully charges a tablet once or a smartphone up to four times. It can also safely recharge two devices at once!

4. Rugged rukus Solar Speaker: 

Have you ever wanted to listen to music at the beach or outside somewhere where there are no outlets? This speaker is perfect for traveling. Its lightweight, splash-proof Bluetooth speaker is about six inches squared, yet it features a large enough solar panel to keep the music going all day. It even fully charges in less than five hours.

5. Haplfork:

Many people tend to over-indulge when they are on vacation. This cutlery can actually help you eat healthier! It measures how frequently you feed yourself a forkful and how long it takes you to finish your meal. It uses flashing lights and vibrations to promote a pace of consumption that leads to portion control, better digestion, and less weight gain.