Explore the Best Indoor Water Parks

Spring is here and it’s starting to warm up! It may be still be too cold to head to the beach or lake, but don’t fret, you can always head to an indoor water park. Since these water parks are climate controlled, you can head there any time — even the dead of winter. For those […]

Best Bike Trails in the US

Everybody is in such a rush these days that they don’t ever take the time to notice the scenery around them. They are either rushing to work or talking on their cell phones. Wouldn’t it be nice to just take some time off and leave all that behind for a few days? There are miles […]

Scuba Diving: explore the underwater world

There are many reasons that people go scuba diving, but the main reason is to capture the imagination of the underwater world. Scuba diving is unlike anything else, and most of the things that we see about the creatures in the ocean are on the Discover channel. Scuba diving is one of the best things […]

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for Men!

Valentine’s Day is recognized around the world as a day where you show your special someone how much you love them. Men are scrambling around trying to plan the perfect date night with their lover, or at least they should be. Women absolutely love all the gifts and flowers that they receive, while the men […]

The best sports bars to watch the Super Bowl

For many the biggest attraction of the Super bowl are the commercials, and for others its the chance to watch some amazing football. Very few are ever lucky enough to get a ticket to the Super Bowl, so most of us (commercial and football lovers alike) tune in on TV. This begs the question – […]

Encounters with Mountain Lions: Safety Tips

If you are hiking or backpacking in the wilderness, then you might come into contact with a mountain lion. While I admit the chances of you actually having an encounter with one are pretty slim, they can be dangerous if provoked. They generally try to avoid contact with humans, but if you are in their […]

Exploring underground worlds

Some of the best sites to visit are actually below ground. Check out these awesome underground worlds… Mammoth Cave National Park This is a U.S. National Park that is located in central Kentucky. The cave is about 400 miles long, which makes it the longest cave system. Mammoth cave is more than double the second […]

The Travefy Affiliate Program is here!

We’re thrilled to announce the release of Travefy’s new Affiliate Program. This program allows you to earn commissions for Travefy referrals to our group travel planner as well as a share of profits from any sales. Turn Travefy referrals into cash! Affiliate marketing is catching the attention of everyone these days, and it is slowly emerging […]

The best places to Bungee Jump around the world

Bungee Jumping has picked up in popularity over the last 10 years since people are always trying to add a little bit more excitement to their lives. The first commercial bungee jump operation was in 1986 and it has taken off ever since. The thrill comes from free-falling and then the rebounding! There are many […]

Shark Attacks & Shark Facts!

With winter here, many people are taking vacations and heading to a warm beach near the coast. This means that more people will be in the water, so let’s talk about shark attacks. There are only about 16 shark attacks each year in the United States so they are rare (good news!), but there is […]

Iguazu Falls and the NEW Seven Wonders of Nature

Most people have never heard of the Iguazu Falls, but a few years ago it was announced as one of the new seven wonders of nature. The Iguaza river flows through Brazil for most of its course, although most of the falls are on the Argentina side. In fact, the Iguazu River forms the boundary […]

Disney World: The greatest place on Earth

What kid doesn’t dream about going to Disney World? From images on TV to friend’s who have taken magical vacations, kids start dreaming about a Disney Vacation from a very early age. Disney World is one of those fantasy places that make you forget everything else going on in the world. Walt Disney World in Florida […]