Bring your vacation back to work

Have you just returned from an amazing vacation with your friends or loved ones? If so, it might be difficult for you to settle back into your daily routine. Vacations leave us feeling more carefree and at ease, yet as soon as we head back to the office, we tend to lose these feelings. So, why not bring some of these feelings back with you?

Are there a few photos from the vacation that really captured the essence of your week off? Grab a picture of all your girls at the pool or your family on a hike and put it in a frame on your desk. Looking at it throughout the day will help you relive those moments and help you capture the vacation mindset from your office or cubicle.

Sounds are also powerful reminders of good times. Was there a specific song that became the soundtrack of your vacation? Maybe there’s a whole playlist! Stick it on your iPod, and when you feel yourself becoming tense, take a five minute break and listen to the tunes that remind you of amazing times.

Click here for some more tips on how you can bring your vacation back to work with you. Do you have any tips that you utilize to hold onto that vacation feeling? Let us know @travefy.