Beat the Buffet this vacation!

Vacations are a blast, but it can often be difficult to eat healthy while travelling. The exotic foods, endless buffets, and freedom from routines can often be treacherous.

Audrey Wilson at the Hawaii Tribune Herald offers great vacation suggestions:

  • The Buffet is NOT ‘Supermarket Sweep’: “At a lunch or dinner buffet, which are sometimes “all-you-can-eat,” we think we must eat the most expensive items, like the meats and seafood, and forget about the vegetables and fruit. That mindset that we need to get our money’s worth usually gets us in trouble.” 
  • Portion Control: “Check out the appetizer section on a menu and order these smaller portioned dishes as your entrée.”; 
  • Preparation is key: “”When your choices for cooking are broiling or sautéed with butter, we are tempted to say, “oh, well, we are on vacation,” so the choice may be the second. Choose the broiled or baked method of cooking, if possible.” “When selecting a healthy breakfast, choose a hard-cooked or poached egg over a fried one”
  • Drinks count!: “If you can drink water or tea and limit your alcoholic drinks” 

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