Best South African Cuisine

South Africa is a perfect destination for those who love food! In fact, recent efforts have been made to elevate Capetonian food to an international recognized type of cuisine. The one single component that appears to unify South Africa as a nation is its passion and love for meat.  It’s also well worth taking note […]

Man Made Islands Across The Globe

With vast improvements in technology, natural islands are now being replicated the number of man made islands across the globe is skyrocketing! Here are a few of the most interesting (for a variety of reasons): Palm Jumeirah On any list of man made islands, this one should alway be at the top. These islands, located […]

4 Beautiful Palaces in England

England has a rich history and is known among other things for its beautiful architecture. Authentic structures including churches and palaces cover the cities and countryside. Built over the centuries, these structures are a must see on any visit to England whether you’re a history buff, architecture lover, or are just looking for a new […]

The Best Luxury Casino Resorts

The glittering, dazzling world of casino resorts is impressive, deeply luxurious and incredibly varied. Whether you’re a two penny chancer who tries their luck every once in a while, or a seriously successful online gambler who’s seen a glimpse of the highlife from the comfort of your own living room, you’ll be curious to know […]

Hot Air Balloon Ride Tips

Riding in a hot air balloon is one of the greatest adventures you can have in your life! If you have always dreamed of flying, then this is one experience you shouldn’t miss on your next vacation. Make the most of a travel adventure in the sky with these Hot Air Balloon ride tips. Come prepared […]

Beautiful Castles Near Glasgow Scotland

Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland and is considered a cultural and arts center of the United Kingdom. It has many attractions and historical sites beloved by tourists. However, on a visit to Scotland, one should also visit the beautiful castles not far from Glasgow. In fact, there are approximately 3,000 castles throughout the country. Each […]

Top Destinations In Croatia

Croatia’s one of the gems of the Mediterranean and is one of the most historically rich and beautiful countries in Europe. The country’s food, culture, lifestyle and weather are fantastic. Additionally, there are also a number of exciting events to attend in Croatia this year. Discover these top destinations in Croatia for 2014. 1. Red […]

Travel attractions in Marmaris, Turkey

Are you tired of the rigors and demands of city life? Are you looking for the right vacation to escape and relax? Then Marmaris is a destination you need to discover. Marmaris is a paradise on the Mediterranean coast. It is in the Mugla province in southwest Turkey and is a part of the amazing Turkish […]

Things to do in Oslob, Philippines

You mean besides whale shark watching? Well, for a small and simple town, Oslob surprisingly has a lot to offer. Obviously there’s the famous whale shark sight-seeing, then recently, the buzz about the still undiscovered beauty of Tumalog Falls, and what most visitors fail, if not ignore (to do) – is to go around the […]