4 Beautiful Palaces in England

England has a rich history and is known among other things for its beautiful architecture. Authentic structures including churches and palaces cover the cities and countryside. Built over the centuries, these structures are a must see on any visit to England whether you’re a history buff, architecture lover, or are just looking for a new experience.

From Kensington Palace to Eltham Palace and beyond, explore these beautiful Palaces in England and discover their unmatched architecture and rich history.

1. Tower of London

With over 1000 years of royal history inside its exceptionally braced walls, an outing to the Tower of London is necessary on any London adventure! Follow in the disastrous strides of Queen Anne as she strolls to reach her sad destiny at the platform on Tower Green.

With its dazzling riverside scenery, the Tower has been utilized as a jail, palace, armory, zoological garden and execution site since it was originally built over a thousand years ago. It is presently a standout amongst the most well known structures on the planet and hosts a variety of shows and re-establishments which praise and speak to its rich history.

2. Hampton Court Palace

Explore 500 years of rich royal history on your visit to Hampton Court Palace and its blend of Florid and Tudor structures. The winding passageways, broad Tudor kitchens, flawless 60-acre plot of land, and 4,840 square yards of riverside enclosures together make Hampton Court a must-see site on any visit to England.

From the early 1500s when King Henry VIII’s rich augmentation changed Cardinal Wolsey’s home into a palace more than fit for a King to the 1996 fire that split through the palace, Hampton Court has had many incarnations.

3. Kensington Palace

Initially a private home, anyone can now visit Kensington Palace – the original home of Queen Victoria and home to Princess Diana between 1981 and 1997. Take a tour and see the Victorian rooms where once upon a time a youthful Princess Victoria ran and played. Appreciate the family pictures and unique furniture that add character to the palace. And find peace in the soothing vault room among other historical areas of the palace.

Inside the palace you’ll find the famous Royal dress collection which showcases royal outfits from the eighteenth century to the present day including an exhibit of breathtaking outfits worn by Diana, Princess of Wales. And no tour of the palace is complete without exploring the eighteenth century conservatory built under Queen Anne.

4. Eltham Palace

This awesome palace offers guests the opportunity to enjoy both the richness of 1930’s Art Deco Britain whilst also exploring imagery from medieval London. Eltham Palace, originally constructed in the 14th century brings together so many different time periods it is a feast for the eyes. It also boasts the third biggest sledge shaft roof in England and the Palace hosted many royal celebrations including annual Christmas party for Henry VIII who grew up at Eltham Palace.

Henry VIII was the last ruler to invest in maintaining the property. Consequently it fell into disrepair until the 1930’s when it was purchased as a private residence. The house was then renovated with a new Art Deco flair that now stands in contrast to its original medieval architecture.

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