Travel attractions in Marmaris, Turkey

Are you tired of the rigors and demands of city life? Are you looking for the right vacation to escape and relax? Then Marmaris is a destination you need to discover. Marmaris is a paradise on the Mediterranean coast. It is in the Mugla province in southwest Turkey and is a part of the amazing Turkish Riviera.

Historically, the island of Marmaris depended heavily on the fishing industry. However, the construction boom of the 1980’s transformed the local economy into a tourist destination.

Here are some must see travel attraction in Marmaris:

Boat Rides, Dolphin Watching, & Water Parks

There are lots of exciting activities to do in Marmaris. If you are a water person who loves the serenity and tranquility of the sea, then you should visit Dalyan Caunos. There you enjoy a boat ride and take-in the the relaxing sites like ancient King Tombs and Turkey’s mud baths.

You can also enjoy the Reed-lined River, play under the sun in sandy beaches, and see the world famous Caretta sea turtles. There are also excellent dive sites in Marmaris to enjoy snorkling and scuba.

Dolphin watching is also extremely popular in Marmaris. The open water Dolphinarium is a great destination for kids and adults alike.

You can also enjoy a wide range of water sports in Marmaris at places like the AquaDream water park. The calm seas provide a smooth path for Jet Skis. 

The Beach

If you are looking for an extraordinary beach, then Cleopatra Island is for you. The silky smooth white sands feel like you’re walking on clouds. This mysterious island if full of legends and its beaches are protected by the government.

Natural Wonders & Safaris

Marmaris also boasts a number of natural wonders. If you want to see the famous “cotton-castle”, then make sure to visit Pamukkale. Pamukkale is a pure white mountain made of salt (not ice). It’s unique mineral formation gives it both distinct color as well as several therapeutic hot springs. You can also find ancient ruins called “Hierapolis”.

If you want more adventure the Marmaris safaris are for you. You can enjoy Mother Nature and choose from a wide array of options: Horse Safari, Quad Safari and Jeep Safari.

If you want to discover a rich heritage of early earth inhabitants, then the ruins at Ephesus are for you. This site is important for Christianity as a site that St. Paul spent time.

The Baths

Finally, a must-see in Turkey are the Turkish baths. Enjoy a unique and relaxing “HAMAM” in Marmaris. The rich foam covers your body while you’re being massaged. Never miss it!

To cap it all off, there are numerous clubs where you can enjoy a Turkish Nightlife. After a long day, relax and unwind in the great bars and restaurants located in Marmaris.

There are so many exciting things to do in Marmaris. What are you waiting for? Discover Marmaris for yourself.

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