Beautiful Castles Near Glasgow Scotland

Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland and is considered a cultural and arts center of the United Kingdom. It has many attractions and historical sites beloved by tourists.

However, on a visit to Scotland, one should also visit the beautiful castles not far from Glasgow. In fact, there are approximately 3,000 castles throughout the country. Each one has its own unique history, architecture, and forms. The walls of Scottish castles are full of secrets from the past; they are the witnesses of heroic victories and bitter defeats.

From Stirling to Dumbarton and beyond, don’t miss these beautiful castles near Glasgow Scotland on your next UK adventure.

1. Stirling Castle

Stirling Castle is one of the largest and most important castles in Scotland. It played a huge role in the history of Scotland, and was a stronghold of the Stuart dynasty for many years.

The castle withstood many sieges and was destroyed, restored and rebuilt several times. Like any other medieval castle, this one has its own mysteries, legends and ghosts. The most famous of them is the ghost of maid of Mary Stuart, who managed to save her queen from the fire, but had no time to save her own life.

Recommended time for visit: 3 hours

2. Dumbarton Castle

Dumbarton Castle is considered to be the oldest fortification not only in Scotland, but in all of Great Britain! The castle stands on a hill between two rocks, giving it a strong defensive position on the western shore. 

Its history begins in the middle of the 5th Century. In those days, the castle was the capital of the kingdom of Strathclyde. Dumbarton Castle was under siege not only from neighboring tribes, but also from the Vikings. Later, in the 13th Century, the castle was used as a prison.

Nowadays, Dumbarton Castle is a very popular tourist destination. Visitors can climb to the highest point of the castle and enjoy fantastic views of the River Clyde.

Recommended time for visit: 3 hours

3. Crookston Castle

Crookston Castle dates back to the 12th Century. The Castle was first contructed in 1180 by the Norman Knight Robert de Kroc. At first the castle was made of wood, but two centuries later, it was was made robust and durable with stone and other materials.

The castle is associated with many military events and is very popular among tourists. It is most famous as the honeymoon destination of the Queen of Scots Mary Stuart. Because of this lovers from across the globe visit Crookston Castle.

Recommended time for visit: 2 hours

4. Bothwell Castle

This huge medieval castle stands on a steep bank of the River Clyde. The building of Bothwell castle itself began near the end of the 13th century and it originally belonged to Walter Morey. During the war of Scottish Independence, the castle played an important role and at one point withstood a 14 month siege.

Bothwell Castle has changed owners quite often over the centuries and its last owner was Archibald Stewart of Grandtully (purchased in 1715). In 1935 the castle became the property of the city and is fully open to tourists.

Recommended time for visit: 2 hours

About the Author:

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