Hot Air Balloon Ride Tips

Riding in a hot air balloon is one of the greatest adventures you can have in your life! If you have always dreamed of flying, then this is one experience you shouldn’t miss on your next vacation. Make the most of a travel adventure in the sky with these Hot Air Balloon ride tips.

Come prepared and be comfortable.

A hot air balloon ride is unlike any other experience, so come prepared. Most rides take place early in the morning and require you to be fully attentive. So plan in advance and get lots of rest. Additionally, make sure to wear comfortable clothes and many layers as temperature shifts may be vast. Also wear comfortable shoes since you’ll be on your feet.

Bring someone special.

Memorable experiences – like this – are more fun when shared with someone special. Whether it’s your parents, sibling, dear friend or significant other, share this sky-high adventure and relive the memories together.

Take pictures.

Don’t forget your camera and take pictures as you soar through the air. Beyond your memory, pictures are the ultimate hot air balloon ride keepsake.

Take it all in.

For most people, a hot air balloon ride is a once in a lifetime experience, so make sure to take it all in. Make sure your chosen ride (and location) travels across beautiful terrain and take time to just look and enjoy the fact that you’re flying.

(If scared) Look ahead.

Many people are scared of heights and some won’t know it until they’re flying high in a hot air balloon. If you find yourself scared, simply look ahead into the sky and clouds and never look down at the ground.

About The Author

Umar is a travel lover and blogger. He writes on behalf of Napa Valley Aloft.