Things to do in Oslob, Philippines

You mean besides whale shark watching? Well, for a small and simple town, Oslob surprisingly has a lot to offer. Obviously there’s the famous whale shark sight-seeing, then recently, the buzz about the still undiscovered beauty of Tumalog Falls, and what most visitors fail, if not ignore (to do) – is to go around the town and get to know more about the place and its people.

If you’re planning on going to the Philippines sometime soon, here are the best things to do in Oslob for an adventurous and worthwhile trip.

Go Whale Shark Watching!

Whale Shark Watching, is Oslob’s main attraction. Tourists from all over the world (yes, it’s that known!) would come to experience and spend time in close proximity to these gentle giants.

Whale sharks, also known as butanding or tuki frequent the waters of Brgy. Tan-awan in Oslob. Local fishermen would feed the whale sharks which later on grew accustomed to human interaction. This hit the news and only a few months later, tourists soon flocked to Tan-awan to watch, snorkel, or dive with the whale sharks.

Whale shark watching costs 300.00 per person, add 200.00 if you wish to snorkel with them, too. When you sign up for whale shark watching, there will be a briefing to educate the visitors what to do and more importantly, what not to do once in the water with the whale sharks. Rules include: Do not touch, ride, and feed the whale sharks. Also, stay at least 10 meters away from their tail.

There are three access points when going to Oslob, you can get there via Cebu, Bohol, or Dumaguete.

Note: Best time for whale shark watching is 6:00 am before most of the crowd arrives. Viewing time is from 6 in the morning till 1 in the afternoon. 

Trek to Tumalog Falls

Also known as Mag-Ambak Falls, Tumalog falls is another up and coming tourist attraction in Oslob. Tumalog Falls offers its visitors a natural, scenic view which many hopes to be properly developed as a potential eco-tourism destination.

The waterfalls cascades into a couple of mushroom-shaped, or as others would refer to, umbrella-like rock formations that provides a dramatic and serene vibe. You’ll also find a natural mini-pool upon entering the area. Some locals say that before typhoon Pablo, the bottom of the falls provides a great swimming place. Now, the bottom is only knee deep.

Nevertheless, visiting Tumalog Falls is a must when in Oslob. The relaxing and humbling beauty of the area accentuated by century-old trees makes up for the steep, 15-minute trek to get to the falls.

You can get to Tumalog falls by car in more or less 15 minutes. For commuters, ride a tricycle from Brgy. Tan-awan to Brgy. Luka, fare is 10.00 pesos per person. There you will find plenty of habal-habal (motorcycle) drivers that can take you to Tumalog. They charge 60.00 for a back and forth trip. If you want to be dropped offright at the entrance, you can add 25.00. Entrance to Tumalog falls is 20.00 per person.

Note: Fares mentioned are as of May 2013.

Explore the town

Don’t stop at the known and famous attractions. Take the time to go around the town and discover the rich culture and interesting history that this quiet town has to offer. Oslob after all, has more to show you. For one thing, there’s the Immaculate Conception Church which was built in the early 1800s that still stands and remains a beautiful structure until today.

Right across the church is the Cuartel. The unfinished structure resembles a Spanish-era barrack where you can see ruins of a watch tower. Don’t forget to drop by and visit Oslob’s Municipal Hall and Municipal Heritage Park.

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