5 Ways To Party Like The Great Gatsby in NYC

The 1920s in America was a time of excess and party when money was everything. And Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby take us back to the roaring 20s. The decadence of this decade ended with the Wall Street Crash of 1929, but people sure got their kicks in before then. […]

The Group Travel Guide to Las Vegas

All-night parties, unique spa services, world renowned restaurants and natural wonders, Las Vegas has something for everyone. That’s why groups love Sin City. Bachelorette parties and business conferences all come to Vegas to have fun and so should you and your friends. If you think Las Vegas is the ideal location for your next vacation […]

10 Music Festivals To Visit This Summer In The US

Expert recommendations on travel, destinations, food, tech and more. Each week our experts put together one list of the best of the best of some of the top travel ideas and products out there. The USA has an incredible festival history. We are after all the country that gave the world Woodstock and brought Tupac […]

Join in the conversation: Twitter Travel Chats

If you are a true travel fan, you really should head to Twitter now and then. There are many travel chats taking place. These 30-90-minute-sessions bring together all the experts in the industry. We love getting to know people in the travel community. There is so much to exchange and even more to learn from […]

Top 5 Bachelorette Party Cities in America

After all that planning and preparation for your big day, a bachelorette party is more of a necessity than a tradition. Whether you want to drink wine, pamper yourself or just be surrounded by sexy people, these are the five best bachelorette party cities in America. 1. Miami, Florida Surround yourself with the country’s best […]

Top 10 Nightclubs In The USA To Party With Friends

Expert recommendations on travel, destinations, food, tech and more. Each week our experts put together one list of the best of the best of some of the top travel ideas and products out there. Flashing lights and beautiful people dancing to your favorite tunes. Dance nightclubs are sure options to end an epic night out. […]

10 Experts Tips For First-Time Backpackers

That first backpacking adventure. It’s a life you never fully understood, but more importantly, one you never dreamed you would be a part of. But you are decided. This summer is going to be spontaneous, full of new experiences and, of course, new countries. But no matter how exciting this right of passage is, you […]

House Rental Vs. Hotel Stay: What’s Best For You?

The usual question amongst traveling groups of four or more: house or hotel? While hotels seem to be the go-to option for most, house rentals have always been big among groups and are increasing in popularity along with websites such as AirBnB and Home Away. The question isn’t which option is best overall, but rather, […]

9 Wild Spring Break Alternatives To Try in 2015

Your friends have already packed their tiniest bikinis, foam parties have started to bubble, and the shots are being poured as you read this post. You should be excited, but really the last thing you want to do after a stressful couple of months at school – and a few more coming up – is […]

Top 10 Karaoke Bars In New York City

We’ve all had those late nights screaming, “don’t stop believing” into a microphone in front of tens of total strangers. Karaoke is an an unusual and incredible night out no matter how shy the person. As it should be expected, the home of Broadway, referenced in songs by Sinatra and Jay-Z, has plenty of choices […]

5 Of The World’s Most Exciting Theme Parks

A caravan of metal carts rolls into the station in front of me, coming to a quick stop. The butterflies in my stomach start to grow as I stand up straight, re-securing my spot in line and wait for the metal gates to open. I run to the front and hop in with a friend […]

Dream Wedding Locations in the USA

Ask any girl, engaged or single, and it’s almost a guarantee she’ll know the sort of place she wants to have her dream wedding. Whether it be a tropical-themed gathering by the beach or a rustic sort of occasion on a ranch, every couple has their own ideas and personal style when it comes to […]