9 Wild Spring Break Alternatives To Try in 2015

Your friends have already packed their tiniest bikinis, foam parties have started to bubble, and the shots are being poured as you read this post. You should be excited, but really the last thing you want to do after a stressful couple of months at school – and a few more coming up – is to spend the week drinking and partying in a sea of people. What you need is a spring break alternative!

While the ultimate week of freedom is known for endless parties, cheap drinks and easygoing college crowds, it doesn’t mean you can’t try something different. The following spring break alternatives are opportunities to relax, let loose, while learning a thing or two.

Learn something

Surf the waves.

This adventure-holiday idea will make sure you’re some place warm, so you don’t have to ditch that new swimsuit. Destinations all over Central America offer week-long surf camps that guarantee you’ll be riding a wave in no time. Try Witch’s Rock Surf Camp in Costa Rica or Rise Up Surf Tours in Nicaragua.

Earn your dive certification.

Spend your week underwater by doing an open water and/or advanced scuba certification. An open water course takes 3-4 days and advanced takes 2-3 days to complete. Try Pro Dive Mexico in Playa del Carmen and Splash Dive Shop in Belize.

Join the circus.

Soar through the air during a trapeze class or course. These are now available in major cities throughout the USA. Try Trapeze School New York, which started in the big apple but now has several locations around the country.


Venture into the wild.

There’s no quieter or more affordable place to relax than in nature. National parks like Yosemite in California and Grand Canyon in Arizona have several trails as well as camping facilities where students can escape all things digital and academic. Those who want to venture a bit further should look into camp lodges abroad, like Palmar Tent Lodge in Panama.

Strengthen the body and soul at a yoga retreat.

Meditation, positive thinking and a long stretch is enough to whip any student back to shape. There are several yoga retreats available all over the Americas. Try 7 Centers Yoga Arts in Arizona or Shanti Retreat in Canada.

Release with a spa-liday

Feel like being pampered this spring break? Hit the spas either for a week or even just a day. Visit your local spa to learn about packages and deals or try places like New Life Hiking Spa in Vermont or Hostel Chimenea in Guatemala for spa vacations.

Give back

Protect animals.

If you have a soft spot for furry or hard-shelled creatures then this is for you. Protect sea-turtles with La Tortuga Feliz in Costa Rica or volunteer at Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary in New York. Take some time to research before choosing an animal volunteer organization to make sure they’re looking out for their animals’ welfare.

Work on the land.

If animals aren’t for you than give back to mother earth in an array of outdoor volunteer activities. Clean up the beaches in Panama while learning to surf at Give and Surf or help create nature trails in Arkansas, New Mexico, South Carolina and Virginia with the American Hiking Society.

Help the local community.

Did something happen this year that you wanted to help with, but could not because you were at school? Do it during this week off. Contribute to Hurricane Sandy relief, run a clothing drive, volunteer with Habitat for Humanity or raise money for different organizations you support.

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