Top 5 Bachelorette Party Cities in America

After all that planning and preparation for your big day, a bachelorette party is more of a necessity than a tradition. Whether you want to drink wine, pamper yourself or just be surrounded by sexy people, these are the five best bachelorette party cities in America.

1. Miami, Florida

Surround yourself with the country’s best looking men in Miami Beach, Florida. The party city came out on top of a 2012 survey conducted by Travel + Leisure magazine to find America’s most attractive city.

Known for its Latin lovers, trendy night spots and pristine beaches, Miami is the perfect destination to show off that wedding body you’ve been working out so hard for and party with your favorite girls.

2. Sedona, Arizona

Wedding plans have you stressed? Instead of spending your bachelorette weekend partying, take some time to relax in America’s spa city: Sedona, Arizona. Known as the “Red Rock Country”, if the peaceful surroundings don’t calm you then a treatment at one of its world-renowned facilities will.

After some time to unwind, plan a trip to one of America’s most popular natural wonders, the Grand Canyon. A two-hour drive from Sedona, this will be a memory you and your best friends will carry forever.

3. Napa Valley, California

I’m sure this bachelorette destination doesn’t need much of a reason. Wine country. Enough said, but I’ll add to the entice. Napa Valley, California is home to almost 950 wineries, 450 of which people can actually visit. Spend your bachelorette party in a limo driving through vineyards and stopping to taste from the very best of them.

On top of fine wine, Napa is also home to some of the world’s best restaurants. Did you know that Yountville, a town in the Valley, has the most Michelin star restaurants per capita in North America? If the wine hasn’t got you grinning from ear to ear then the food will.

4. New York City, New York

“Sex and the City” has a firm grip on the Big Apple, making it the ideal girls’ weekend destination for many. Beyond sipping on cosmopolitans, you can shop for that perfect pair of Manolo Blahniks to go with your wedding dress. There are probably more things to do in NYC than your bachelorette party could handle in just one weekend.

Spend your days touring the city, visiting spas or shopping in SoHo. Your nights belong to cocktail bars and Broadway shows. Warning! A bachelorette getaway to NYC will most likely end with you, head out of the sunroof of a limo, shouting “I’m getting married!”, while driving through Times Square. But hey, this is New York, people are used to it.

5. Las Vegas, Nevada

It’s not just the boys who get to have fun in Sin City. Yes, we all know bachelors have claimed this city thanks to movies like The Hangover, but really it’s much better suited to the ladies.

On top of hosting some of the country’s wildest parties, Las Vegas also has some of the world’s best restaurants, shows, spas and shopping venues. If you can’t make up your mind on how exactly you want to spend your bachelorette weekend then LV is help you (not) decide.

Catch a tan by the hotel pool to really bring out your white dress, pamper yourself at one of the city’s many spas, and don’t forget your private dance in one of its exclusive ladies’ club.

Hey, you only get one bachelorette party – in theory-, so you better make it count! What did you think of this list of America’s best bachelorette party cities? Tell us all about it in the comment box below or on Twitter, Facebook, and Google +