Join in the conversation: Twitter Travel Chats

If you are a true travel fan, you really should head to Twitter now and then. There are many travel chats taking place. These 30-90-minute-sessions bring together all the experts in the industry.

We love getting to know people in the travel community. There is so much to exchange and even more to learn from one another. Twitter travel chats are great ways to do that if you manage to get through the noise. To let you find and join the right conversation, here is a breakdown of hashtags and people to follow.

#Girlstravel: This chat is for girls only. Kicking off at 6pm GMT every Monday and lasting for 30 minutes, Go Girl along with various co-hosts put together six questions relating to a specific female travel topic.

#TTOT: One of the originals, Travel Talk on Twitter is a chat organized by Travel Dudes and several other travel bloggers with questions by you! Offer your question ideas for specific travel topics on the Facebook page dedicated to this talk. They’ll choose ten questions to use during two chats on Tuesdays at 9:30am and 9:30pm GMT. Both chats include the same questions. Follow @traveldudes for more information.

#NUTS: Midlife Road Trip have created the Not-so Usual Therapy Session, which happens every Tuesday at 3:30pm EST. During the hour-long, ten-question session, you can release and say what’s on your mind, which for most participants is #bacon. Follow @midliferoadtrip, @SandiMcKenna and @RickGriffin for more information.

#RATW: Reality Abroad Talk Wednesday allows participants to offer knowledge about their homeland, whether it be by birth or ex-patriotism. The hour-long chat starts at 12pm ET every Wednesday and is a great way to learn about life abroad. The chat has a family-vibe to it. Follow @RealityAbroad for more information.

#Expediachat: Expedia has their own travel chat for 90 minutes every Wednesday at 1:30pm EST. Traveling Philosopher Spencer Spellman  leads it. You can win an array of goodies from weekly hosts while answering questions. Follow @spencerspellman and @expedia for more information.

#RTWChat: BootsnAll hosts Round the World Chat each week, which is specifically geared for topics relating to long-term trips. Check them out every Wednesday at 3:30pm EST for this ten-question chat. Follow @bootsnall for more information.

#Travex: Travel Squire hosts a travel exchange on Twitter every Wednesday at 5:00pm EST. The 30-minute chat is for savvy travelers and includes a random Travel Education points that highlights what people are writing about during the session. Follow @travelsquire for more information.

#TNI: Another one of the originals Zip Set Go has Travelers’ Night In Thursdays at 3:30pm EST. The 90-minute session features different hosts who give away some prime travel goodies. Follow @ZipSetGo, @ZipSetRachel, @ZipSetAndrea and @GoApril for more information.

More travel chats on Twitter to join.

#CruiseChat: This chat is specific to cruises and takes place every Tuesday at 2pm ET. Different people and companies from the cruise industry host the chat each week and even give away some goodies. Follow @SimonTravels, @CaptainBirdie and @CruiseLineFans for more information.

#SeeTheWorld: Learn and chat about a different country every Wednesday at 12pm PST during this chat. Follow @TheCultureur for more information.

Is there a travel chat we missed? Share it with us in the comment section below or on Facebook and Twitter. We would love to hear from you.