Four Best: Fall Bachelorette Destinations


Ah, the great bachelorette party challenge (well, until the email planning thread reaches into the hundreds of emails) – where to go? As bachelorette planning veterans, we like to break down the destinations by seasons (Aspen in winter is a very different place than in the summer), and we’ve scoured the US for the best […]

Best Game Day Bars in Columbia, Missouri


In the heart of the country lies Columbia, Missouri and in September the city comes alive with a sea of black and gold to cheer on the Missouri Tigers. Students, alumni and fans greet one another with a cheerful M-I-Z and an echoed Z-O-U. A game weekend in Columbia is an event that you’ll be […]

Travefy Trip Feature to the Mediterranean Coast of Spain


When Donella and her group were getting ready to plan an epic two-week vacation through Spain, they knew they needed a tool to help them organize, stay communicated, and keep the finances in check. That’s where Travefy came in. We love seeing the stories unfold of how Travefy helped shaped a trip for the better, […]

8 Amazing Motorcycle Routes You Must Take in a Lifetime


Going to the office on bike sometimes seems to be very irritating. The roads overflowing with vehicles and environment brimming with deafening noise of horns make you infuriated. If you are a biking enthusiast and want to get escape from the bustles on road, hit the road… Confused? India is affluent with amazing biking routes […]

How to Pack When Traveling with Your Pet


Traveling is one of the best ways to spend some memorable time with your canine or feline friend. According to a survey by AAA and Best Western International, more than 50% of pet lovers in U.S. take their pets with them when they travel. If you’re also thinking of traveling with your pet, be sure […]

Nepal: Where Legends Hold Truth and Heaven Meets Earth


Nepal is a nation like no other. It stands between the huge peaks of the Himalayas and the dense jungles of India. It is home to eight of the fourteen highest peaks in the Himalayas and represents some of the best hiking trails in the world. From here it is even possible to access the […]

The Best Lincoln, Nebraska Bars for Husker Game Day


Being in Lincoln during a University of Nebraska home football game is like a spiritual awakening–you’ll make fun new friends, understand the value of good tailgate food (we’re looking at you, Fairbury hot dogs) and feel the crisp warmth that fall football wraps you in a cloak made of Husker pride. Even if you’re rooting […]

5 Road Trips to Take in Northwest United States


Photo Credit: Zach Dischner via Flickr The adventure is not about the destination, it’s about the journey; This is the road tripper’s mantra for our chosen form of travel. The opportunity to experience the tundra, the mountains, and the ocean all exist in this small corner of our country. Each trip on this list is […]

A Travefy User’s Journey to Ireland and Beyond


Hearing the travel stories from Travefy users is half the fun working here. When Travefy user, Phyllis, went on a month-long adventure exploring Scotland, Ireland, and New York City–we had to hear more! Phyllis and her friends visited Scotland, Ireland, passed through parts of England to see Stonehenge, and Wales to catch the ferry in […]

The Best Bachelorette Prizes, Ever.


Now that you have the bachelorette party game(s) planned, spice up the challenge with these prizes on the line! Starbucks gift card with coffee cup Who doesn’t need a cup of joe or sips of refreshing tea? Jazz it up with a fun coffee mug! Buy on Etsy: Never Too Young Shop Candles Everyone loves […]

Top Places to Travel with Your Pet in India


The best thing about traveling with pets is that you don’t need to worry about how your pet is doing at home. However, traveling with pets is not as easy as it looks, especially in a country like India where pets are less appreciated compared to other countries. You have to think umpteen times before […]

What Not to Do on Your Las Vegas Trip


If you’re heading to Las Vegas soon and have no real idea of what to expect beyond what you’ve read online or seen in the movies, you’re probably understandably a bit apprehensive. Fortunately, for all its glitz and hype, Las Vegas is a fairly safe city for visitors, and you can maximize your experience by […]