World’s Most Beautiful Libraries in India


Libraries are the most incredible invention of men. It is a single most beautiful tribute to knowledge and experience. There are a lot of libraries in India that stand as a part of most beautiful ones in the world. If you are visiting India, you ought to visit at least a few of these libraries. […]

Free Online Resources Every Travel Professional Should Use


Who doesn’t love a free resource that will help make your business run a little bit smoother? We compiled a list of some of our favorite tools that are completely free to use! From beautiful stock images to use on your website and client itineraries to marketing tools that will take your SEO to the […]

5 Activities for an Unforgettable Weekend in Wellington, New Zealand


With so many great things to do in Wellington, make sure that you plan your weekend to make the most of your time spent in New Zealand’s vibrant and charismatic capital. Here are five amazing Wellington attractions that should definitely be included in a weekend getaway. Photo Credit Te Papa Tongarewa The Museum of New […]

Why South Carolina Should Be Your next Vacation Destination


Known for its unique blend of expansive shoreline, subtropical beaches, and marsh-like sea islands, South Carolina is a wonderful vacation destination for the of all travelers. Whether its a family vacation, a romantic getaway, or a solo exploration, South Carolina offers something for everyone to enjoy. Historical Sites For those looking for a little bit […]

Six Essential Tips for Solo Female Travelers


Traveling is a liberating experience that should happen as often as possible. Especially if you are going alone on a trip, it is a time to rediscover yourself. Use it wisely and don’t forget to enjoy every minute of it! There are many solo female travelers in the world that come back home with exciting […]

Why Focusing on Millennial Travel Can Help Your Travel Business


The business world becomes more dominated by millennials, people between the ages of 18 and 30 who are tech-save digital natives. They are known to redesign the business landscape but also the traveling industry because their generation just loves to travel and take the benefits associated with it. What it means for you as an […]

A Q&A with SocialTravelr App


What if there was an app that allowed you to connect with travelers while sitting at an airport because your flight has been delayed five hours? Well, there’s an app for that! SocialTravelr was created by a flight attendant named Pamela Creighton who has spent about 90% of her life in airports. So why not create a […]

How to Plan a Budget Trip in 10 Steps


Traveling has become almost as indispensable in the modern world as breathing.  There is hardly a person who isn’t daydreaming about the sunny coasts of Costa Rica or snowy fiords. For some people traveling is only about relaxing. Others want to broaden their mind or learn a new language.  Whatever the reason – there is […]

5 Architectural Marvels That Still Stand Today


Civil engineering can be said to be the oldest branch of engineering. It deals with the design, construction and maintenance of structures like buildings, roads, dams and bridges, and thus dates back to prehistory. Over the millennia, civil engineers have built some truly impressive structures – some of which have lasted for centuries or even […]

4 Essentials When Backpacking the Grand Canyon


The Grand Canyon receives millions of visitors each year, and a good number of them are unprepared for the trip. If you don’t want to find yourself lacking the essentials as you camp, climb, hike, trek and backpack around the cliffs, here are just four things you’ll want to include in your bag. 1. Knife […]