30 Surprises to Expect If You’re Moving to the Philippines


A recent World Bank report named the Philippines as one of the fastest-growing economies in the East Asia and Pacific region. The international organization has kept its 6.4% growth projection for the archipelago, mainly driven by strong election spending, low inflation, and a robust business sector. The country welcomes tens of thousands of foreign students […]

Top Honeymoon and Wedding Destinations


Looking for that special wedding place can be both a beautiful and a frustrating task. You have to appeal to everyone of your guest’s tastes since a bunch of people will be coming and you want to make everyone happy. Most of all, you want to make your significant other and yourself happy and you […]

The Modern Mom’s Guide to Mastering Toddler Travel Mayhem


Remember the good old days when traveling anywhere was easy?  For mothers with young children, travel takes on a whole new dimension of challenge, obstacles, and logistics that require a battle plan, well in advance of any trip (short or long) away from home.   To make it work, there has to be a strategy that […]

5 Tips for Staying Healthy on Vacation


Holidays are a time to wave Goodbye to everyday concerns, head out to explore the world, and spend time with your loved ones doing the things you all enjoy. Sounds idyllic, right? It is not, really – that is just a dream of a perfect vacation travel agencies want you to believe. According to recent […]

6 Ways to Save Time on Your Itinerary and Knock Your Client’s Socks Off


Creating an awesome itinerary is rewarding for both the travel advisor and client, but can also take a little work for the advisor if they are adding a lot of information in for the first time. Luckily, with the Travefy Professional itinerary builder, you can speed up the process exponentially while also creating a great looking itinerary […]

Exploring Popular Attractions in the Vauxhall Neighborhood


A mix of a residential and commercial district, Vauxhall is situated right on the south bank of the Thames. The area boasts of great transportation links and is few meters away from Vauxhall Station and the Thames, making it convenient for you to explore the city from there. You’ll find some really good pubs in […]

4 Great Destinations to Get Writing Inspiration


Are you tired looking at the four walls of your home office? Don’t you just wish to get your laptop and start exploring the world? Seeing new places, people, and cultures is the best inspiration a writer could ever look for. New places will open your eyes to the beauty, suffering, intelligence, and stupidity of […]

14 Tips for Couples to Save Money on a Vacation


We deserve our vacations. We want our vacations. We need our vacations. Whether we take several long weekends throughout the year or blow it all on a 2-3 week escape, we look forward to those times and try to budget for them as best we can. While vacation time is certainly a time to splurge […]

Everything You Need to Know About the New Trip Plans App


We’ve been so excited to share the new Trip Plans app with all Travefy Professional Plus and Premium users! We’ve heard amazing feedback on how it has helped connect clients with their itineraries quicker and seamlessly. Since it has launched, we added another game-changing layer to make it even better; the ability to communicate with your client. Here’s […]

7 Reasons Why You Will Love Nepal


Are you fueled with the enthusiasm of a child to push yourself beyond the impossible and challenge the nature? Do you like the feeling of being invincible? Like as if for a fraction of a moment you have risen above all the elements of mightiest creations! If yes, then Nepal is the deal to test […]

Honeymoon Ideas for Adventure Couples


If you’re the kind of couple that enjoys long romantic backpacking trips and rafting class five rapids, there’s a strong chance that your honeymoon will be overflowing with same kind of adventure. The desire to go out and experience the world’s natural beauty brings you together and your honeymoon is the best time to celebrate […]