Why You Should Blog for Business


If you run a business and you’re not blogging yet, you should be. There are so many reasons why blogging can help your business grow and thrive by giving your client database a boost and keeping your current clients engaged at the same time! How does blogging do this to your business? For starters, it […]

7 Reasons You Need to Write Your Own Travel Diary


The next time you take a vacation, consider keeping a travel journal. There are so many wonderful benefits to recording your travels. You will never regret the time you spend writing about your memories and experiences. Here are 7 reasons why you need to keep your own travel diary.   1. To Keep Photos with […]

One of the Biggest Parties of the Year in Las Vegas


There’s no city in the world that’s quite like Las Vegas, and no other city in the world does New Year’s Eve like Sin City! The parties are ramped up bigtime for one of the major celebrations of the year, so whether you live in Las Vegas or are traveling to the City of Lights […]

Hotel Trends to Watch in 2016


By the end of this year, hotel revenues across the globe are predicted to reach $550 billion dollars. In 2009, the industry was worth $395 billion dollar which is an extremely rapid rise in profits of more than $150 billion dollars in seven years. What is driving this growth? The New Traveler 2016 and 2017 […]

How to Prepare for Long-Term Travel


If you are feeling the distinctive pull of wanderlust, it may be time for a long-term trip. Backpacking across Europe for months at a time or wandering around Asia experiencing the cuisine and culture are common options. Before you commit to a life across the border, there are some things to keep in mind. Preparing […]

6 Reasons Why Freelancing Is a Great Option for Avid Travelers


Have you always dreamed of quitting your job to travel the world? We all have. But unless you’re a millionaire, you can’t survive without money. But you don’t have to sacrifice your love to travel for your financial stability! If you have a skill that you can market, you can work as a full-time freelancer […]

How to Plan an Ayurveda Tour India


There are many places to take an Ayurveda tour in India like Kerala, Himalayan region and Rishikesh. Are you not sure how to start the tour? This is a guide for you to create a personalize Ayurveda tour in India. Using this guide you can choose the right time of visit, plan your tour activities […]

The Thrills and Frills of a Solo Traveler


There’s something about being alone that makes us uncomfortable. It’s odd, offbeat, and scary. Just the thought of getting on the plane alone, while silently hoping that no clumsy or rude passenger sits right next to you, is enough to turn people away. The thought of getting off the place and seeing everything for the […]

How to Travel the World While Making Money


What if we told you that you could see the world while you’re working? Talk about a dream job, right? Our friends at coWork the World are doing just that and you can join them. To get more information on this new project, we asked founder, Nader, some questions to get the scoop on what exactly coWork […]

New Year, New Itinerary!


We wanted to send 2015 off with a bang and start 2016 off with a fresh look, which is our pleasure to introduce the highly anticipated new Travefy itinerary! So, what’s new? The Layout You can now easily drag and drop days and events around to edit and adjust your itinerary. You can move one […]