The “Do Nots” You Need to Know When Travelling with Dogs

  Are you traveling, and are you in the company of your dog? If so, you should ensure that your dog is comfortable and safe throughout the journey. Leaving your dog at home as you hit the road will make them happy. However, when comfort and safety are provided, you and your dog could be […]

5 Cities You Need to Visit in Spain!

Flamenco dancers, tapas, cathedrals, colorful alleys, and miles of sandy beaches. If you instantly thought of Spain, it’s time to take the plunge and buy that ticket! Although every city in Spain deserves a visit, we’re going to highlight five of the hottest cities to visit this summer. Vamos and let’s go! 1. Jerez de […]

How Big Data is Changing Your Flight Habits

Airlines generate a massive amount of data. They collect information on flight routes and every part of the flight from taxiing to takeoff and cruising to landing. They also gather data on fuel usage, seats filled and cargo carried. A wide range of variables also impacts flights from weather factors to the routes, schedules and […]

Travefy Pro Feature: Messaging in the Mobile App

Did you know that the Trip Plans and Travefy Pro mobile app has a built-in messaging feature? This allows you to stay connected with your client(s) before, during, or after a trip. Talk about white glove service, right? After you have shared the trip itinerary you created with your clients, they will be able to […]

15 Reasons Why Everyone Should Visit Croatia at Least Once

You’ve probably heard of this small European country on more than one occasion. Your friends have praised it, or you’ve seen it mentioned somewhere along with that world famous series. Let’s help you make that final decision about booking a trip to Croatia by telling you 15 reasons why everyone should visit Croatia at least […]

Things to do in Chikmagalur, the Coffee Capital of India

Chikmagalur is a calm, serene hill town full of scenic surprises, with the surrounding hills and forests – bewitching by any standard. It is amply blessed with serene hillsides and vantage points for one to gaze upon nature to the heart’s content. This treasure trove of nature’s bounty lies at the foot of the Sahyadri […]

9 Tips for Hiking in the Heat

Image source: Summer is arguably the best time to hike your favorite trail- long days and the clear blue sky above. Paradoxically, your body thinks the opposite. The heat can bake you into a human muffin, scorching your skin, drying you out, and making you re-think every decision you ever made in life that […]

Six Essential Tips for Traveling With Chronic Conditions

Chronic conditions don’t have to make people feel restricted from traveling. However, they can cause hassles for people who don’t plan out the details of their journeys. Preparedness is often the difference between an incident-free trip and a stressful one. Get Your Doctor’s Approval One of the first steps of getting ready to travel is […]

Top 5 Destinations for Planning a Northern Lights Holiday

Physics meets chemistry and produces the nature’s most breathtaking phenomenon – Aurora Borealis commonly known as Northern Lights. Every year millions of tourists travel to the Scandinavians to get the glimpse of this beautiful sight. It is a haven for romantics and explorers to witness this splendor with their own eyes at least once in […]

‌Growing Importance of Fashion Tourism and What You Need to Know

Source While everyone has heard about the things like sports tourism, religious tourism, cultural tourism, and so on, the term fashion tourism is a relatively new entrant to the list. This form of tourism, not something completely new but its significance has risen rapidly in the past few years. Fashion tourism covers traveling to and […]