4 Methods of Creating Quality Content for Email Marketing

“269 billion is the figure.” It is the number of emails received by 3.7 billion email users per day as stated by Radicati Group in 2017. Moreover, according to the reports of Internetlivestats 2018, the number of legitimate emails is 3 billion, and the number is supposed to get double in the next decade. The […]

Japan: Visiting the Country of Modernity and Tradition

  The fact that tipping is not customary in Japan does little to mitigate the country’s reputation as an eye-wateringly costly place to visit, with Tokyo and Osaka occupying the top two spots on the Economist’s 2013 list of the world’s most expensive cities. The rewards, however, are phenomenal, with outstanding transport, a wide variety […]

The Best 5 Ecotourism Destinations in the World

Ecotourism is a type of tourism that involves traveling with no harm (or its minimum) for nature and the environment and your actual satisfaction by merging with nature and its elements. You can either pick such eco tours or eco countries yourself or ask for a tourism agency’s help. We have picked the top 5 […]

Five Excellent Tips for Maintaining Your Diet in a Foreign Land

Travelling makes you feel alive. It makes you see the otherwise monotonous world from a whole new perspective. People have different reasons to travel. Some travel to know different cultures, while some others travel to see the world and a few like me travel to just created unique experiences. Whatever the reason, traveling comes with […]

10 Best Places in Singapore for Honeymoon Couples

Singapore is famous among tourist for being one of the most advanced cities and luxurious lifestyle. Singapore is also a great destination for the honeymooners and if you are wondering which places in Singapore are the best for honeymooners then you are at the right place! We conjured up the whole list of options below […]

Exploring Escolta: A Virtual Tour of Old Manila

Photo by martindemo / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 What to Expect in the New Escolta  If you’ve ever been to the Philippines, you’re probably in awe of its pristine white sand beaches, colorful festivities, and warm, friendly people. While many adventure-seekers flock to the more popular destinations like Boracay and Palawan, you might want to explore […]

Top Tips for Staying Fit While Traveling on Business

Image: Unsplash A business trip can be a grueling task for your brain, whether you’re sealing deals or sourcing new suppliers, with all the travel added on top, you’ll definitely be exhausted once you return home. However, such exertion doesn’t always translate to calories burned. In fact, with a hectic business schedule, you might struggle […]

6 Tips for Avid Travelers Whose Partners are Homebodies

You agree that nothing develops intelligence like travel, feel sorry for people who have never left their birthplace, and a year without traveling is a total loss for you? Maybe, you’d even like to live your life traveling with your significant one like Herman and Candelaria, or want to age on the road together like […]

Here’s What’s New in Travefy

June 2018  Web Updates Send to Client button now says Share This Trip – when sharing a trip with a client, we updated the button to say Share This Trip. PDF is now Print – The PDF can still be printed, just click Print and you will see the option to generate a PDF. NEW […]

How to Improve Marketing Strategies For Travel Agencies in 2018

  What do you do in a business with a relatively low barrier to entry, lots of competition, and plenty of self service options for consumers? If you operate a travel agency, you face these challenges on a daily basis. The solution never changes. You have to continually evolve your marketing strategies so you remain […]

PowerUp With New Add-Ons in Travefy

In an industry with an overwhelming amount of competition, travel professionals face the challenging task of setting themselves apart from the rest. Part of Travefy’s commitment to helping travel professionals succeed is giving them more options to help them step up their game, stand out, and elevate their business. Travefy is proud to launch a […]

Inside the Frequent Flyer’s Suitcase: Packing for Every Eventuality

Comfort and convenience should be at the very heart of any business trip, with tighter schedules and higher stakes than virtually any holiday for pleasure can ever have. It goes without saying that acute organisational skills and a passion for forward-planning will serve you well on any work-focused journey abroad. But without a streamlined and […]