Top 7 Thanksgiving Celebrations You Just Can’t Miss

Thanksgiving festivities across the us

Thanksgiving is a good time to discover the family-side of America — an if you’re an international visitor, it’s all the better. You will experience this holiday in unique ways that differ from any other celebration in the world — Thanksgiving celebrations have certainly evolved since the Pilgrims’ days. Here are 7 outstanding Thanksgiving festivities […]

Top 15 Places to Visit in Florida


Florida is considered one of the most exciting holiday destinations in the US. And for a good reason! Just think about its lovely mild weather, beautiful sand beaches and friendly atmosphere everywhere you go – all this is simply bound to charm everyone. Many visitors choose to return and explore the state anew every summer. […]

How to travel in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia


Kuala Lumpur holds the magic of Malaysia. The city barely sleeps and its famous tourist attractions like the PETRONAS Twin Towers, the city tower and the hard to miss markets along with its religious sites and natural abundance, all give Kuala Lumpur a vantage point over other travel destinations. The whole city is a mad […]

The Amazing Facts About Modern State Gujarat


Mostly known for tradition and culture, the Indian state Gujarat is most popular for the fascinating wonders that allure every traveler. People irrespective of taste and age can have a very good time seeing the picturesque locations and the amazing historic sites around the state.   To See The alluring destination Gujarat welcomes travelers to […]

Top Travel Pinterest Accounts to Follow


Pinterest is home to inspiration, procrastination, and dreams. Not to mention one of the best places to find the coolest travel photos and vacation ideas! There are a lot of travel pins out there, and there are many accounts dedicated to all things travel–here are our favorite ones:   Gogo An all-around great Pinterest account […]

How to Travel Light


The traditional packing dilemma When we think of making plans to travel out of town or even the country, packing is the next important thing after we are done with the booking of the flight. Most of us try not to carry too much, but end up taking more than was required. Some have to […]

Cats and Dogs Across the Globe


Dogs and cats are a big deal here in America, but this view isn’t shared across the world. In some places, they’re revered and worshiped, and in other places they’re simply tolerated. Sometimes even shunned. Here’s a look at how other America’s favorite pets are viewed across the world…   Nepal Photo Credit: Laura7581 via […]

Travel and Transport Leverages Travefy Pro for New Concept


Travefy, the all in one group travel planner, announced a partnership today with Travel and Transport to provide new group travel planning tools at the Travel Design Lounge. Travel and Transport’s groundbreaking Travel Design Lounge provides an innovative space for individuals and groups to plan travel and leverage Travel and Transport’s unparalleled resources, support, and […]

The Perfect Race Day Playlist


Traveling for a half marathon or adventure race? Don’t forget your running tunes! Here is a playlist of our favorite running ballads. The Bulu Box Work(it)Out playlist is full of eclectic beats that will get you pumped up and ready to take on any workout or run. Be sure to take this playlist along with […]

Five Destinations in the World That Will Take Your Breath Away


This world is full of wonderful places that we’re unaware about and have never heard about. In this article, you will get to know about those five places. These five places are must visit once in a lifetime. Some of them are naturally beautiful and no human efforts were involved.   Ashikaga Flower Park in […]

How Travel Agencies Are Using Technology to Create Itineraries


We had the opportunity to sit down with The Home Base Travel Agent Show Podcast along with Italy4Real and discuss how travel agencies are using technology to cater to their clients. We were fortunate enough to chat about Travefy for Travel Agents and share how travel and tour businesses can utilize a tool like Travefy to create […]

15 Places to Visit Before You Die


Enjoying every day through traveling defines the life of some of the lucky few and for those the bucket list of places to visit is very long. But there are always a few places that need to be kept on the top order of your priority list for the sheer magnificence and brilliance of their […]