Best Titanic Museums in the World


The most famous shipwreck in the world’s history is both seemingly breathtaking and a tragedy. On April 14, 1912, the ship sank in the cold North Atlantic Ocean due to hitting an iceberg. While visiting the actual grave is something only few have had the opportunity to do, there are many places around the world […]

Where To Stargaze in The U.S.


These are great times to contemplate dark skies, especially with the Meteor Watch Day upon us, time to grab your telescope, your picnic or backpacking essentials and head off to the most beautiful places in the U.S. for stargazing. The key to truly appreciate starry summer nights is to find a nice spot away from […]

50 Breathtaking Photos From Around the World

St Lucia - - most beautiful places

It’s no secret that the world is one beautiful place. From magnificent beaches, caves with mystery, and mountains that almost touch the sky, the Earth has a lot to offer. In no particular order, here are 50 of the most beautiful places from around the world: 1. St. Lucia Photo Credit: SuitQais Diaries 2. Kakadu National […]

How To Prepare For Long Distance Biking

Biking at sunset

Long distance biking can be taxing, especially if you go into your trek unprepared. You need to make sure you have the right equipment at hand, from bike helmets to the clothing that will best protect your body from falls and the elements. Here are a few pieces of equipment you should make sure to […]

Travel Chat with Helene in Between


Helene in Between At Travefy, we like to throw the spotlight on travel pros and bloggers that we’re falling in love with. Meet Helene, an amazing blogger who has traveled near and far. We had the opportunity to interview Helene to hear about her adventures in Amsterdam, Santorini, and beyond.           […]

5 Unusual Log Cabins With A Wow Factor

Steamboat Bay Fishing Club

In honor of Log Cabin Day, which is this June 28th, we wanted to change the perception you have of this rustic lost-in-nature structures forever. For that we hand-picked the most luxurious log cabins in America, just to show you that one can enjoy all the romance of being close to nature in the most […]

Bachelorette Party Game Ideas


We are smack dab in the middle of wedding season. It’s such a beautiful time of the year with love in the air and summer fun heating up! I might be biased, but one of the best parts of getting married is celebrating it with my girls. So here’s a special shoutout to the person […]

Amazing Shipwreck Dives From Around the World


Both a little eerie and thrilling all at the same time, shipwreck dives can make for an exciting adventure. There are shipwreck dives suited for both novice and master divers all over the world. We’re breaking down some of the most epic, interesting, and visually satisfying shipwreck dives from Australia to the Caribbean, and everywhere […]

How To Have A Summer Vacation Without Leaving Home

Summer staycation

It is officially Summer! But don’t even blink. Otherwise, it will be fall before you know it. Now how sad would that be if you missed on all the summer fun without making awesome memories to remember it by. What you need to do this year is to make every summer day a memorable holiday. […]

Glamping and All Its Glory


When you hear the words camping you think of a few main things; s’mores, fire, tents, and outdoors. Implied in all of these things is “roughing it” as in no electricity, using the outdoors as your premium bathroom, and showers are optional. And while for many, that seems like a great weekend to connect with […]

12 Essential Family Travel Apps To Download

Family travel apps

When asked what can’t I travel without, I often respond my precious mobile apps. Especially the family travel apps that take the pain out group travel. Nowadays, thanks to the internet, trip planning is easier than ever. You can book affordable hotels and resorts online, and you can compare travel packages in your budget range. […]

Top 5 Cape Town Beaches To Visit

Top Cape Town Beaches

If you are a beachlover wanting to visit Africa this summer, then Cape Town beaches will make your happiness. The second most populated city in South Africa, Cape Town is known for its scenic harbors, beaches, and its sparkling coastline by the Atlantic Ocean. But the Mother City of South Africa is a multicultural city […]