The Top 10 Things to Do While in Dubai


Dubai has become the best-visited tourism and trade destination and is the twentieth richest city around the universe. It is a remarkable holiday destination and offers different things to do for both young and old. Though it follows an Islamic tradition, it still serves as a way of life that is familiar to other cosmopolitan cities […]

Planning a Safari for the Entire Family


Safari experiences are mind-blowing! This form of travel has gotten a lot of recognition in the past couples of years, and increasingly more honeymooners, adventurers, and even families pursue safaris for their next vacation. Africa in particular is one of the best places to enjoy a thrilling safari. The destinations are wild and rugged, but at […]

5 Reasons to Visit Sunny Nelson, New Zealand


If you’re visiting New Zealand’s South Island, be sure to visit the picturesque Nelson-Tasman Region. Established by English settlers in 1841, the city of Nelson faces Tasman Bay, and is now home to many artists and craftsmen. There are plenty of interesting things to do in Nelson, and you can enjoy some great walks, go […]

Get Paid to Share Travefy Professional


Calling all travel professionals! We have exciting news just for you! If you are a subscribed Travefy Professional user, you can now acquire a unique referral code that you can share with your friends and colleagues–and in return they will get 10% off a Travefy Professional plan and you will earn 10% in commission off the […]

How Can Volunteering Help You to Travel All over the World?


The primary purposes of any volunteer travel are, of course, giving something back to people, share the expertise and knowledge, and meet other travelers and local. One of the most important advantages of volunteering is the opportunity to travel because the charities and organizations involved in this area can provide a countless number of destinations. […]

5 Fantastic Ways to Travel Green


When you take a vacation, it’s a reprieve from work and everything that stresses you out. But it’s not a break for the Earth. Unfortunately, the tourism industry has the side-effect of stressing our climate. It’s important for tourists to understand they’re not the only ones traveling, and tourism is a huge source of pollution. In […]

Win More Customers: SEO Tips for Travel Agents and Travel Planners


As a travel professional, you provide a valued service for customers who are looking to take that perfect trip. But, you also compete with many other travel professionals to stand out from the crowd. There are plenty of resources that make it fairly easy for a person to call himself or herself a travel agent, […]

5 Places You Must Visit at Least Once in Your Lifetime


Many people choose to travel the world when they get the opportunity to do so. If you are experiencing wanderlust, there are certain places you should make it a point to spare a visit to. 1. Your life won’t be complete until you can say you have gone down under. Sydney, Australia is the place […]

Top 7 Locations for Fishing Holidays in the UK

Fishing boats, Morecambe

There’s no need to holiday abroad if you’re looking to enjoy a great fishing holiday. The UK is home to rivers, lakes, and hundreds of miles of coastline, all providing access to fishable resources with stocked waters and opportunity to catch a great variety of fish. Whether you prefer to camp, stay in your touring […]

Discover the Beauty of Tanzania: 5 Days in Zanzibar


Spending 5 days in any place in the world may not be enough to experience it to the full, but you can absolutely make the most of those 5 days. Tanzania is a beautiful area to explore, and you will most likely wish you could spend weeks there. But if you have just 5 days […]