Traveling to Cuba? What You Need to Know (With Itinerary)


Here at ViaHero we receive many questions about how to travel to Cuba.  We also hear many misunderstandings.  For example, to clear the air, the embargo has actually not been lifted, which requires an act of Congress.  The restrictions on travel to Cuba have been eased, however.  Want to know more?  Have no fear, we’ll […]

8 Seattle Area Attractions You Should Add to Your Itinerary


As the Pacific Northwest’s leading metropolis, Seattle has likewise become a popular tourist destination across the entire U.S. This urban seaport features world-class entertainment, dining and nightlife, cultural exhibits and natural scenery. So, make your stay in the Emerald City memorable by visiting these Seattleite-approved stomping grounds. Pike Place Market This downtown shopping district brings […]

Travel Agents Are Shifting Trends in the Travel Industry


The global travel agency market has grown by an average of 12.2% each year for the past six years, according to a recent report by Travelution. In Australia, travel agencies’ AGR has risen to 2.6% and the industry directly employs almost 30,000 agents. In recent years, the travel agency market has taken a big hit. […]

Happy Birthday, Travefy Professional!


We can’t even begin to explain how rewarding this last year has been. We’ve built many new relationships with our users and learned so much along the way thanks to all of the feedback we have received. A lot of exciting things have happened in just one year, read about all of it below! The […]

5 Things to Do Before Going on a Long Trip


Taking a trip that is a year or longer is a wonderful experience. That being said, there are several important affairs that one has to get into order before departing. Here are five things to do before going on a long trip: 1. Contact All Credit Card Companies and Banks Particularly if you are going […]

Discover London’s Exuberant Nightlife


London’s vibrant nightlife and super cool club scene can cater for all tastes and moods and offers you starting options to hang out if you want to party from dusk till dawn. Whether you are looking for a sedate laid back spot to enjoy a drink, wildest drinking dens, and clubs, or steamy saunas to […]

5 Reasons Why Travel Makes You Happy


Hands up if you love vacations. Silly question, right? I mean, who doesn’t love a vacation? While it’s great to have a break from work and be able to sleep in, what many of us look forward to the most is traveling. Whether it’s local travel, around the world travel, or even a business trip, […]

Social Media Tips for Every Travel Professional


If you want to stay competitive in the travel industry, it’s extremely important that you take advantage of every tool you have at your disposal, and nothing is more effective than social media. Most consumers are active on various social media platforms and are spending more time than ever on them. This gives businesses the […]

Tips to Save Money on New York Travel


New York is one of the greatest cities in the world. The cool, crowded and cosmopolitan vibe of the city attracts millions of tourists every year. It showcases a beautiful blend of big-city splendor and small-town charms. The iconic landmarks and towering skyscrapers introduce you to a vibrant culture filled with trendy coffee shops, indie […]

Stuck in the Philippines: 7 Travel Adventures for Millennials


The impact that millennials have on the world is apparent. They have changed a good part of almost everything. In the travel industry, for example, millennials are changing the way we prepare for a vacation. They use mobile apps to find a place to stay; they read reviews to make sure that reality aligns with […]

Travefy Professional Success Story: Gravitate Travel


Travefy Professional is a software tool built for travel professionals to collaborate and create beautifully-branded quotes and itineraries for their clients. At Travefy, we love to hear how the software has brought success to travel businesses around the world. Below is Scott Waldron’s story, founder of Gravitate Travel. With over 30+ countries visited, Scott Waldron, founder […]

How to Create a Quote on Travefy (with Free Quote Copy Download)


With Travefy Professional, all users can build itineraries and share them with clients but did you know that you can also build client quotes and proposals? We’ll show you how! We have also created a trip quote copy that you can download to your own Travefy account found below. How to Create a Quote or […]