What’s New for Ski Resorts in Europe

Are you planning to swoop down the slopes of the French Alps this winter season? The beautiful misty mountains are covered with a fresh white blanket of snow during this season. Hundreds of travelers from around the world fly in specifically to experience the view that the Alps proudly offer.  Every year the resorts in Europe collaborate and conjure up exciting offers that attract tourists and keep coming back for more. Let us see what they are up to this year!

The Flash Deals on Ski Passes

The resorts in and around the Alps continuously improve the services they offer because of the influx and volume of the tourist traffic that hits them during peak season time. A new pass was introduced for giving access to ski lifts at nominal rates in around 25 resorts in the famous cantons of Villars, pretty St Luc, Grimentz-Zinal and Crans-Montana. The pass comes at a pretty reasonable bargain and is valid for the entire season for adults and kids. Since this pass is a season pass, it is valid from November to April and costs between 232-250 euros. If you are planning a circuit trip to explore the country and stay in listed resorts, this pass serves you well. It is perfect for planning multiple trips or a safari road trip as well.

The Modes of Travel and Accompanied Deals

Trains throughout Europe run at a phenomenal frequency all season. For this season specifically, the Austrian operator OBB has sleeper trains. They allow you to make a night journey so you save your daytime to explore your destination. OBB has trains to Tirol and from there you can take the all famous Eurostar to Brussels. Brussels is well connected to Cologne from where skiers can pick up any sleeper train and embark on their journey to multiple ski destinations and camps.

If trains are making rounds carrying passengers, how can flights be left behind? Powdair, the newest kid on the block for Swiss airlines, runs flights from Sion to London city, Manchester, Southampton and south end. Sion is a base for Valais resorts which is linked by the ski lifts to Verbier where all the action happens. Verbier allows 23 kg of baggage hold allowance and includes free snowboard carriages. And free ski is included in the seasons’ tickets that you can purchase from here.

New Lifts and Lift Linkages Established

Every year we see resorts up their game and prepare for linkages and lifts to different sites which draws the tourists and skiers to their resort making it the hot favorite of that season. They continuously strive to give professional skiers an experience worth their money.

The new entrant to compete in this category of doing something new has been the famed Andermatt resort. This resort is placed in the misty wilderness around Gemstock Mountain. This season it will be connected to Sedrun by a lift. A new chairlift is being installed which will connect the two resorts giving a picturesque tour for the passengers. A total of 14 lifts are planned to be up and running by the start of the season.

Regular skiers are waiting for 202. The massive resorts of Alpe d’Huez and Les Deux Alpes are currently under construction. Their new linking lifts are going to enthral travelers as a complete game changer. Alpe D’Huez is already in the process of making improvements to its existing gondola Vaujany to L’Enversin d’Oz.

Makeovers by Resorts

Resorts in Europe, especially the ones hosting skiers are ever evolving to accommodate the type of traveler that comes in. This year the age-old hotel, Montveners refuge is undergoing renovation and changes.

This hotel is placed slightly above the Mer de Glace in the town of Chamonix. This resort was founded by early mountaineers of 1980s and has now been transformed into Terminal Neige. The rooms have beautiful, solid hardwood floors and an oaky aroma to them. The decor is very rural Swiss with embroidered paintings and tweed woven stump chairs. It is nestled far on top of the glacier yet is accessible by Montveners train and by trek from the town of Chamonix. The resort itself has activities where guests can ski tour the place and visit the lit up ice caves of the massive glacier.

So this season come and ski! Or take a vacation by lifting off the lifts amidst the magnificent French Alps and allow them to be host to an activity-filled yet relaxed holiday.

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