Welcome to Travefy Academy!

As a part of our commitment to power the success of travel professionals, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of Travefy Academy!

First started in 2018, Travefy Academy is a series of free educational resources for travel professionals to expand their understanding of the travel industry, share best practices, and ultimately grow their business.

Travefy Academy includes a wide series of articles, webinars, videos, podcasts, and more all created to empower today’s travel professional.

As we say hello to Travefy Academy, we also are saying goodbye to our original Travefy Blog, found on this site. While all of Travefy’s blog content here from 2012 through 2019 will remain live, all new content will be focused on Travefy Academy and can be found at the Travefy Academy website.

Thank you for being a reader of the Travefy Blog and we hope you’ll join us on our exciting Travefy Academy journey!