Best Outdoor Adventure Festivals in America

Mid-summer is one of the worst seasons of the year. The humidity and temperatures rise to disturbing degrees, inviting the feeling of boredom into any home. So, why shouldn’t you look for an adventure trip to give you some motivation and also help you get through the intense heat?

Now, compared to traditional sports, adventure sports like rock climbing, mountain biking, kayaking, and camper travel appear as simple solitary pursuits. After all, it’s not every day when communities or a group of friends come together to take part in such highly engaging activities. However, once they do, you can be sure it’s going to be a good time!

Which Are the Best Festivals in the USA?

So, are you looking for the best budget travel destinations? Below, you will find a couple of exciting and affordable festivals in the USA for both individual and group travel. Take a look at these breathtaking ideas!

The International Climbers Festival

Introduced back in the summer of 1993, this is one of the most captivating festivals in the USA. It was created with the primary objective of bringing all climbers from Lander Town, Wyoming together. In 2017, the festival was in the Sinks Canyon State Park, a perfect travel interaction destination.

The climbing here is mostly on Bighorn Dolomite Limestone with a few particles of granite mixed in. The festival includes activities like clinics, bouldering parties, live music, a Scarpa dyno comp, and an art crawl. There’s even an athlete auction which allows participants to bid on their favorite crushers to earn the opportunity of climbing with them.

HomoClimbtastic Camper Travel

As human beings, we understand that division is something which makes us both comfortable and uncomfortable. We pride and value our identities to the point of ignoring the needs of others. Yes, we are not satisfied, and we continue to climb the walls we’ve built simply to see what lays on the other side.

Yes, HomboClimbtastic sounds like this! It’s a festival which celebrates rock climbing within the LGBT community but also involves climbers of all abilities and backgrounds. It’s an event that’s held towards the end of July every year in West Virginia at the New River Gorge. You’ll find fun-filled activities like dance parties, hilarious games, and of course, a lot of climbing!

The Idaho Mountain Festival and Adventure Trip

This is an exciting weekend event from ASANA, the makers of awesome crash pads and other fantastic gear. The opening night starts with sizzle-grilling then some moonlight bouldering. The following day includes demos by Edelweiss, La Sportiva, Klymit, Petzl and ASANA.

Afterward, you’ll hit the rocks for a couple of hours before later re-convening at your respective camps. There’s also a rodeo-clip round-up, a mechanical bull, and a lot of ‘stupid’ climber games. Towards, the end, there’s a fun 10k run and a Bandera Brisket dinner.

The Bozeman Ice Festival and Travel Interaction Destination

This is one of the most remarkable festivals in the USA as it offers the best ice and mixed climbing activities in the South side of Bozeman, Montana. The festival educates and celebrates this niche sport. The classes that are there for you to enjoy include:

  • A women’s clinic
  • Youth climbing clinic
  • Self-rescue clinic

Apart from these engaging classes, you’ll also get the chance to climb the canyon and later socialize with other climbers over a hot cup of cocoa at the Black Diamond Advanced Base Camp. Also feel free to go to the Emerson Ballroom every evening for beers and hot meals from Bridger Brewing.

Last year, participants got to see the Adventure Film Festival between Friday and Saturday. The event eventually ended with a well-prepared Sunday party full of food and drinks and captivating stories from Kelly Cordes.

New York Mountain Jam Music Festival

Are you seated somewhere looking for the exciting outdoor activities NYC today? Well, here is an event that was first introduced to celebrate WDST/Radio Woodstock’s 25th anniversary. However, over the years, it’s grown into one of the most exciting multi-day music festivals in the USA.

It now draws huge attention and diverse range of performances from artists like Steve Winwood, the Avett Brothers, My Morning Jacket, and Widespread Panic. There are also wide varieties of camping options where you can have a rest especially after a long day of musical extravaganza. You’ll find both primitive tents spread across the mountainside as well as some VIP tends with best air mattress for camping at the mountain’s base, closer to the event’s grounds.


FloydFest is an exciting five-day event with a rich variety of music styles to boost your camping trip. There’s reggae, bluegrass, Cajun, rock and even Appalachian music. Since its launch back in 2002, it comes with separate themes for each year. Notable themes from past years include Rock of Ages, Revolutionary, Out of this World Music, Fire on The Mountain among many others.

It has featured musical acts from famous artists like Gary Clark, and Greg Allman. However, aside from just music, one of its greatest traditions is camping out. It has a well-shaded area called the Premium Woodsy Tent. On top of that, there’s a Delta Lot camping area, located 10 minutes from the event’s grounds. It features restrooms, water for drinking and cooking as well as a sufficient camp store.

Additionally, it also features other travel gear engaging activities like kayaking, mountain biking, and canoeing. So, if you are searching for art and music festival that can go into your wow travel map, FloydFest will not let you down.

The International Surf Festival in California’s Manhattan Beach

This is one of the oldest festivals in the USA. Some of its signature events are a pier-to-pier swim, a six-person volleyball competition, and a lifeguard medley race. It’s one of the best travel spots in the country as it also allows you to take part in a host of breathtaking activities. For instance, beach runs, paddle board and surfing competitions plus if you have kids, feel free to join them in the sand castle creation competitions.


All in all, there’s no reason for you to spend the current season in USA within the confines of your home. You can clearly see that there’s a lot for you to enjoy when you choose to travel around USA. So tell us, which festival will you go to first?

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Catherine Wiley is a blogger and hiker. She is a  full time-freelance writer in the west coast of California. She’s hiked all over California, including Yosemite, Tahoe, LA, and the San Francisco Bay Area.

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