Winter Giving you Wanderlust? 5 Vacations to Take to Escape the Cold

Winter is usually considered the most depressing season. The weather is cold, and the daylight is short if the sun comes out at all. Many people in northern climates suffer from seasonal affective disorder, also known as SAD. This makes winter the perfect time to take a trip to a sunny and warm locale. Here […]

Airplane Anxiety? 4 Tips for Traveling With Ease

Traveling on an airplane can be difficult by itself, but it can be especially hard for those who suffer from anxiety. That being said, having anxiety about traveling on an airplane shouldn’t deter you traveling. There are ways to cope with your anxiety that will allow you to travel more comfortably. If you suffer from […]

Looking for a New Vacation Spot? 3 Reasons South Carolina May Surprise You

What do you look for in a perfect vacation spot? Delicious food? Amazing sights? An atmosphere with the right combination of relaxing and exciting? When on the lookout for a new vacation spot to take the family–or just the special someone–why not take a look at what South Carolina has to offer? The Palmetto State […]

Not Ready for the Cold? 3 Tropical Paradises to Visit This Winter

Winter brings snow shoveling, icy sidewalks, and chapped lips. It’s no wonder many people look to escape the blustery winter and run away to islands with warm beaches and hammocks. Here are three tropical paradises you can escape to this winter. Barbuda Often paired with its sister island, Antigua, Barbuda is known for its pink […]

4 Tips for Traveling When You’re Over 50

Whether you were a well-traveled young person or are hitting the road for the first time close to or after retirement, traveling when you are older than 50 can be just as rewarding as traveling at any other age. However, there are a few special considerations you may want to keep in mind. Take Advantage […]

Why South Carolina Should Be Your next Vacation Destination

Known for its unique blend of expansive shoreline, subtropical beaches, and marsh-like sea islands, South Carolina is a wonderful vacation destination for the of all travelers. Whether its a family vacation, a romantic getaway, or a solo exploration, South Carolina offers something for everyone to enjoy. Historical Sites For those looking for a little bit […]

4 Essentials When Backpacking the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon receives millions of visitors each year, and a good number of them are unprepared for the trip. If you don’t want to find yourself lacking the essentials as you camp, climb, hike, trek and backpack around the cliffs, here are just four things you’ll want to include in your bag. 1. Knife […]