Boosting Business with Groups and Destination Weddings Featuring Will Medina (Webinar Recap)

Whether you’re currently selling lots of groups and destination weddings or you’re interested in getting into this niche, Will Medina will have the best tips for you! Will Medina is a destination weddings specialist and teaches other travel professionals through his website at

You can watch the full webinar below or check out the tips and highlights in this post below.

Throughout the webinar, Will talked to us about how he started his thriving business and how others can do the same with tactics through Facebook and marketing, understanding your niche and how to be one of the best in the business.

Here are some key takeaways that Will chatted about during the webinar that can help you elevate your business into the New Year:


1. Education is the Foundation 

The first big point that Will talked about was the importance of education and how this plays a vital role in how successful you will be as a group travel or destination wedding specialist. “Education has become where it’s just a couple of hours [of training] and you’re an expert in whatever. We have been made to believe in the industry that destination weddings are easy and I would say they’re simple once you know them but they’re not easy,” Will says.

Instead of just signing up for Bridal Shows Will suggests learning about destination weddings and what destinations are affordable and most importantly, what is the bride’s journey. What are the types of things these couples are struggling with that you can offer as a travel advisor that Expedia is not going to be able to offer them or any other travel agent who is just dabbing in this niche?

Will also mentions the importance of good customer service and just getting the education started so that each time you have a lead, you are going to get a much higher conversion rate.


2. Master Social Media 

“In my opinion this is the best and the fastest way to get business which is social media.” – Will Medina

“Brides today are not waiting for bridal shows in January to go find information about destination weddings. Let me tell you where they’re hanging out, they’re hanging out on Instagram, 100% of them, and they’re hanging out in Facebook groups.” Will talks about the huge value of having a Facebook group available for brides and grooms to come together in one place to discuss everything about destination weddings. The beauty is that you’re the expert so you are able to easily share tips, tricks, blog posts, and more to these future destination wedding couples. In return, you create a community and excited clients that want to work with you.

Another point that Will touches on is to make sure that when you create your Facebook group, come up with your strategy and you understand what problem you’re solving for them and find your resources and content to have them ready to post. This way, you don’t get burned out on coming up with new posts to share.


3. A few of Will’s important steps advisors should be aware of to build a sustainable and profitable groups business

  1. Be an educator.
  2. Understand your role as the advocate to the couples and guests.
  3. Have solid software systems in place.
  4. Charge fees.

You can take a much deeper dive by watching the video above or watch on YouTube anytime here. Will has a ton of great insight that you won’t want to miss and that can only be found in the video!

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