Winter Giving you Wanderlust? 5 Vacations to Take to Escape the Cold

Winter is usually considered the most depressing season. The weather is cold, and the daylight is short if the sun comes out at all. Many people in northern climates suffer from seasonal affective disorder, also known as SAD. This makes winter the perfect time to take a trip to a sunny and warm locale. Here are five locations that could fit the bill. 


Visiting Florida is pretty cheap for most Americans. Every major US-based airline offers multiple flights to vacation destinations like Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Orlando. There are also low-cost options like Allegiant Air that can transport vacationers. If you like the beach, there are several that are perfect for snowbirds who want to get away from the cold and ice. February offers the Daytona 500 for race fans, and Florida is the Spring Training home for several Major League Baseball teams. 

The American Southwest

While the weather might not be as tropical as it is in Florida, Southern California and the Arizona desert are both great options for keeping warm in the winter. Arizona is a great option for golfers who want to hit a few rounds when they’d normally be shoveling snow. While the water in the Pacific is not as warm as it usually is along the Atlantic coast, there are numerous beaches in Southern California that offer sun and surf. 

Southeast Asia 

Southeast Asia does not experience winter climates like many states in the US do. Countries in that region are full of tropical beaches, warm jungles, and waterfalls. This can be a great place to go for a unique vacation with beautiful scenery. You can even take advantage of a group tour to find more destinations that may not be as well known for tourists.


There are many great options for enjoying a few days in Mexico. Cancun and Puerto Vallarta are popular tourist destinations, but there are other cities that can provide a much-needed respite from the blizzard conditions that can pop up in much of the US from December through March. The Yucatan Peninsula has some great Mayan ruins that are open to the public, and Mexico City offers some exciting destinations for exploring Mexican culture. 

The Bahamas

The islands that make up the Bahamas are just a few miles off the coast of Florida. Many cruise lines head to the Caribbean throughout the year, but the winter makes the perfect time to visit the Bahamas. Additionally, the sun and sea in Nassau and other sites in the Bahamas are just a short flight from much of the US. 

Getting away from the winter cold has never been easier. There are several destinations that are just a few hours away from most of the continental US. All that’s required is a plane ticket and a desire to escape for a few days or weeks.

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