4 Secrets Revealed About the Airline Industry

Were you ever aware of the fact that the two pilots on the same flights are offered different meals and are never allowed to share their food so that they both don’t get afflicted with food poisoning? There are many who have worked in the aviation industry and still many are working but they never […]

Fastest Way to Get Free Flights Through Mileage

If you air travel more than once a year, chances are (and we hope) you are member of a Frequent Flier Program. It is also possible that you hoard miles anyway you can: credit card purchases, hotel bookings, etc. Well, British Airways gives the best value for those hard-earned miles on domestic flights. According to […]

Vital Considerations When Flying on a Private Jet

Who does not want to fly in airplanes or in private jet charters? If one is planning for a trip on airplane or in private jet charter then the foremost thing one should consider is the safety throughout the journey. It is important to ensure a safe private jet charter flight as one would not […]

Best Time to Book Airline Tickets

Summer is just around the corner and most of us are planning for vacations. Whether the destination is an exotic Caribbean beach, the always popular Las Vegas or a visit to a relative in Wisconsin, a common concern is to know exactly when to book the airfare and when to actually travel in order to […]

Travel Tip: How to defeat a pickpocket when traveling

Being an airline pilot has many benefits. Traveling the world is one of the most educational and fun parts of it. When walking around new places it is easy to lose track of what is going on around you. Sometimes that can come back to bite you. I had $100 pick pocketed out of my […]

Remainders: Vintage airline commercials, Business Class challenge accepted, and stretching your dollar

Here’s this week’s remainders of our favorite travel press and blog posts of the week. The classics. Check out this amazing collection of vintage airline commercials. A mix of “funny”, “wow”, and “really” expected. From Travel+Leisure (link) Challenge Accepted! Relive one man’s journey to earn a free business class ticket on Cathay Pacific. Awesome tips and a fun read. From Nomadic […]

Remainders: The new safety dance, the Viking quiz, and more

Here’s this week’s remainders of our favorite travel press and blog posts of the week. And you thought safety videos were boring? Virgin America released an awesome and hilarious new musical take on the in-flight safety video. Explore the new safety dance! From Virgin America (link & below) The Viking Quiz. Man on the Lam writes from the Rosala […]

Remainders: Great American eats, a magical plum, and more

Here’s this week’s remainders of our favorite travel press and blog posts of the week. Eat your way across America. Amazing and hilarious ranking of the most common food in every state. For a treat, see which state’s food ranks just below “being hit by a car”. Enjoy these great American eats! From Deadspin (link) Explore NYC’s Markets. […]

Long Flight Survival Kit

It doesn’t matter whether you are taking a five-hour flight from one side of the country to the other, or flying around the globe and skipping several time zones. There are things that you can do before the flight that will help once you get in the air. Here is my flight survival kit to […]

Planning a trip to Europe

Traveling to Europe is one of the greatest things you can do to yourself or family if you planning to spend some quality time with your loved ones. Many times deciding on the preferred destination for a vacation poses a great challenge and you need to do some prior research and preparations if you have […]

10 Apps that will Change the Way You Travel

We’ve all been in a situation where we say “I wish there was an app for that.” Well, there are tons of apps out there that make traveling much easier, and maybe even change the way you travel for good. Travel apps can help save you time and money, and tons of them are even […]

Flight Attendant Fashion

While searching the web for interesting travel news, I came across this fantastic article from Paper Mag showing some of the more outlandish stewardess costumes from throughout the age of flight. I for one had no idea airlines so frequently collaborated with big name designers to come up with their dress code, but the list […]