4 Secrets Revealed About the Airline Industry

Were you ever aware of the fact that the two pilots on the same flights are offered different meals and are never allowed to share their food so that they both don’t get afflicted with food poisoning? There are many who have worked in the aviation industry and still many are working but they never share such secrets outside the airline world as they love to keep their secrets intact. Did you ever wonder why your seats require being in the locked and upright position and the windows need to remain open when they land and take off? What exactly is the actual job of the flight attendants? If you want to know some of the hardest kept secrets of the airline industry, here are some that you may know of.

1. The most dangerous times of a flight is the take-off and landing

Yes, you may not have realized this due to a large number of times you’ve been on a flight but it’s true that the most dangerous times of riding a flight is the landing and take-off time. This is the main time when the majority of the things may go wrong. The plane is entirely at the discretion of the pilots during these two times. When the plane actually flies, a major part of the flying is done by computers and not by the pilot alone.

2. There are always strategies to get upgraded

As per some famous airline websites, there are definitely certain ways in which you can grab an upgrade. If you can travel during off-seasons or during the quieter times, you may grab an upgrade. If you fly alone or you check in way before all the others, dress in the best way possible and utilize loyalty cards, you can also grab an upgrade. Being a frequent flyer also raises your chance.

3. Don’t try to drink the coffee on the plane–ever!

The coffee that is offered in the plane has always garnered a bad reputation and majority of the people from the airline industry always recommend you not to try it. The coffee is never made with bottled water and the potable water that you get in the airplane is definitely not something that you may drink with confidence. The valves which are used to clean the lavatory waste and for filling clean water are close and they’re often interchanged by the service guys.

4. There’s something to cheer up a nervous flyer

It was just in 2016 that Quantas, the Australian carrier consecutively topped the airline poll for the 3rd time for being the best and the safest airline ever. It has gained enough popularity just because it had never been in an accident which had lead to the death of even a single passenger. You may even use the app named ‘Am I Going Down’ to know whether or not you’re flying safely.

Therefore, in case you’re someone belonging to the airline’s industry or you’re a layman, you should inform yourself on the well-kept secrets of this industry so that you don’t do something unknowingly which you shouldn’t have done.

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