Remainders: The new safety dance, the Viking quiz, and more

Here’s this week’s remainders of our favorite travel press and blog posts of the week.

  • And you thought safety videos were boring? Virgin America released an awesome and hilarious new musical take on the in-flight safety video. Explore the new safety dance! From Virgin America (link & below)
  • The Viking Quiz. Man on the Lam writes from the Rosala Viking Centre in Rosala, Finland with the the great Viking quiz. Would you make a good Viking? For the record, we were a resounding “No”. From Man on the Lam (link)
  • Barcelona’s Best. A great guide to Barcelona’s best tapas bars. Warning: This made our pb&j sandwiches for lunch extremely depressing. From Dave’s Travel Corner (link)
  • Movies Uninterrupted! We salute the FAA who this week released a report allowing airlines to extend the use of electronic devices during all phases of flight except actual take-off and landing. Full story from CNN (link)