Fastest Way to Get Free Flights Through Mileage

If you air travel more than once a year, chances are (and we hope) you are member of a Frequent Flier Program. It is also possible that you hoard miles anyway you can: credit card purchases, hotel bookings, etc. Well, British Airways gives the best value for those hard-earned miles on domestic flights. According to Erica Ho from Map Happy, you could land a free flight with British Airways faster than with American airlines. Here is why:

Only Distance matters

British Airways’ frequent flier program calculates mileage based on flight distance. The competition uses a flat rate system starting at 25,000 miles to redeem a ticket. That is already as much as you will need on British’s longest route; i.e. JFK-SFO. So, it takes much less miles for free flights around the country.

Associated programs to earn extra miles

Major airlines all have partner programs through which you could scrap miles without flying. Check this article for 10 ways to earn frequent flier miles without boarding. You wouldn’t believe some of them.

British has exceptional rates for Avios (miles) to dollars, and they are not shy of giving them away. Erica, in her article mentioned the Visa credit card signup bonus as well as the Chase Ultimate Rewards. But there are many ways to collect Avios: through hotels, car rentals, dining programs and more. After all free flights should be the ultimate reward for any well versed traveler.

British Airways’s partner airlines

Membership in British’s Executive Club is free and you get miles by flying any OneWorld partner airline. This means that anyone flying American and Alaska Airlines could quickly work their way toward free flight.

You will want to read Erika’s full article here. It is astounding to know that a foreign airline is the best way to land free flights within the US. But how well British’s frequent flier program competes on an international level.

What is your take on this article? What is your favorite frequent flier program? Tell us more about it in the comment box below.