Snorkel at the Hidden Beach of the Marieta Island

According to an article published with The Daily Beast, the Mexican shore is full of mysterious beaches. Among these, a donut-shaped islet on the Pacific coast of Mexico. The island has a hidden beach, in a hole drilled into its central core and has been baffling geologists due to the presence of volcanic stone. The Marieta […]

5 Romantic Destinations to Fall in Love

The world holds in its heart the most spectacular, breathtaking, and romantic paradises. Sharing a favorite wine or boat riding under the stars is a dream many hold dear. To plan your ultimate romantic getaway, the sunny summer days are ideal. Starry eyed couples can now plan their next summer vacation to one of the […]

Reaping the Benefits of Group Traveling

Traveling is a group hobby for many, be it with friends or family. In fact, at the light of international trends, group traveling is more popular than ever. Solo travel advocates claim group traveling hampers freedom. Maybe, but when done right, group traveling has many perks. Discounted tickets Often, the more you buy, the more […]

Tips To Consider Before Planning Your Next Trip

Usually, whenever my girlfriends and I take a trip together, it is for relaxing. So we end up going to beaches, spas, anywhere calm, tranquil, away from the riff raff. Our main priority is to de-stress, recharge our batteries and come back completely rested. But last year we decided that it was time to make […]

How to Take the Pain Out of Group Traveling

Travelers are of various kinds. While some people like to venture out alone to explore the world, others like to have companions on the journey. It is true that traveling alone gives you more freedom as you are your own master and can do things as you please. But there are times when you would […]