5 Romantic Destinations to Fall in Love

The world holds in its heart the most spectacular, breathtaking, and romantic paradises. Sharing a favorite wine or boat riding under the stars is a dream many hold dear. To plan your ultimate romantic getaway, the sunny summer days are ideal. Starry eyed couples can now plan their next summer vacation to one of the finest and yet affordable locations

Discovering new places together with your partner and create memories that will last a lifetime. Here is my top-5 list of romantic destinations to visit:

1. Rovinj, Croatia

Historic churches, cobbled streets and splendid terracotta rooftops, Rovinj is gorgeous. Enjoy coffee by the waterfront, or explore the old town by bike. Rovinj is also perfect for hand-in-hand strolls with one’s significant other.

2. Mendoza, Argentina

Looking to wow your wine-loving partner? Then, Mendoza’s valley of wines is yours to explore. The region produces the finest nectar in the country and homes world-class spa centers. What better romantic vacation there is other than one soaked in wine with the snow-capped Andes as backdrop?

3. Helsinki, Finland

Dazzling island, a foodie’s paradise, Helsinki seduces with the flavorful tastes of Finnish cuisine. The scenic Northern landscapes make the most romantic vacations in the world. To make it complete, do not forget to visit the archipelago.

4. Jamaica

Popular romantic getaway in the Caribbean, Jamaica will jam its way to your heart. This exotic island is world renowned for its mind-altering reggae music. But it is also a scenic paradise, set out of time.

5. Riviera Nayarit, Mexico

Mexico is as diverse as it is beautiful, and every inch of it is worth discovering. But no place will host your romantic vacations like the Riviera Nayarit. It is well known for the majestic Sierra Madre Mountains and its whale watching opportunities.

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