Snorkel at the Hidden Beach of the Marieta Island

According to an article published with The Daily Beast, the Mexican shore is full of mysterious beaches. Among these, a donut-shaped islet on the Pacific coast of Mexico. The island has a hidden beach, in a hole drilled into its central core and has been baffling geologists due to the presence of volcanic stone.

The Marieta Islands

There haven’t been any human settlements on the volcanic Marieta Islands for over five million years. When conservationists surveyed the offshore rocks they discovered a natural marvel. There is a hidden beach, carved into the rounded core of the island, and invisible from the shoreline. It takes a bird view to reveal this hidden gem along with its sparkling waters and empty dune.

It is hard to imagine a beach encapsulated within the hard volcanic rocks. According to experts, erosion always proceeds from the top, so the interior of the island, before it was hollowed out, was likely made up of what we know as ‘explosive’ rocks—fragments belched up by volcanic activity. These stones erode more quickly, while the island’s thick exterior shell is made of a substance that is less susceptible to decay.

But what’s more interesting is that the islands were used as a bombing test site by country’s military. But due to environment concerns, the navy to cease their testing in order to protect the surrounding reefs and delicate breeding grounds of the migrating humpback whales

The hidden beach

What we people need to know is that excessive tourism can lead to a more rapid destruction of this unique natural marvel. Every day, hordes of tourists invade the island. Although tourists aren’t allowed to climb on the islands, according to the national park laws, they gain access to the hidden beach through a submarine tunnel. You can swim across the long passageway, once the tide recedes without any scuba gear.

Once inside, there’s plenty of space to sunbathe or relax under the crown of arcing shrubs and rocks high above.

Photos of this hidden beach went viral thanks to social media. Ever since, it has become a popular fascination for tourists. Beware as you might be stepping on sacred ground. In fact, the Huichol Indians believed it was the holy place where Father Sun and Mother Ocean united.

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