Tips To Consider Before Planning Your Next Trip

Usually, whenever my girlfriends and I take a trip together, it is for relaxing. So we end up going to beaches, spas, anywhere calm, tranquil, away from the riff raff. Our main priority is to de-stress, recharge our batteries and come back completely rested. But last year we decided that it was time to make our vacation more adventurous, so we decided to hit the rapids, river rafting.

Since I have a terrible fear of deep water, it was terrifying from the start. But I’ll state it right away: it was the best trip I ever had, a great life experience that had me overcome my fears.

This trip made me change the way I look at vacation which was to laze around and relax. So on the basis of our experience here are few ideas you can keep in your mind when planning your next holiday.


While there is nothing wrong with either visiting our loved ones or getting a bit of relaxation, try to not falling into a rut. Take a risk once in a while. Push yourself to do something you wouldn’t do. The sense of accomplishment and exercise will recharge your batteries faster than a month long session in a spa.


Don’t just look for airfare and hotel deals and stop there. Your search should include medical facilities, emergency centers, banks, etc. Remember that every destination has its own travel requirements from visa to immunization. Be sure to include that information into your search. For starters, check out these official government travel pages.

Moreover, always refer to a few reputed travel resources and websites. It was through such a site that we came across the idea of hitting the Gauley River last year. For instance, I learned that 25 miles of rapids come to life whenever the Summersville Lake dam opens its floodgates. That happens 6 weeks every year. The next event starts on September 5th throughout October 9th.


Be with the local, act like a local. There are many benefits to doing so. You will find the best places to eat and hang out. There are often the most accurate travel resources you will find. And they will show you how not to act like a tourist.

Also when traveling, it is good to disconnect from the usual distractions. That include your phone, the social networking, the constant messaging noise, etc.. Instead connect to your present and your surroundings. Meet and chat up with new people. These are tips and little details that are sure to make your trip more enriched.

So all in all, next time you are planning a vacation be sure to consider these points before you lock down on a destination.

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