A Month-By-Month Guide To Traveling in 2015

Do you have a hard time deciding where to go on a vacation and when? You are not alone. Depending on the type of traveler you are, there are many different factors that go into your travel planning. While budget travelers seek under-the-radar destinations or ways to travel off-season, others look for the most popular party destinations?

Here is a month-by-month guide to the world’s best destinations; from the Caribbean in January to Madrid in December.

January – Cruise the Caribbean

January is the right time to discover the Caribbean on the cheap. It is between two peak seasons: the December Holidays and the romantic cruises of February.

With destinations like Playa del Carmen in Mexico to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic to Belize, here’s your chance to step onto the most picture-perfect tropical beaches in the world. For inspiration, check out this article on the twenty best cruises of the year.

February – Explore ski resorts

February is about the best time to hit the ski resorts. Montana, Colorado, and Utah are famous for the quality of their powdery slopes and top-quality winter resorts.

However, the key is to avoid overrated ski destinations and go for those great places striving under the radar. Here are 5 awesome ski resorts to visit in 2015.

March – All about Spring Break

Whether you are looking for the party or instead to avoid the crowd, March is about spring break. Every travel, hotel, and entertainment agency offers deals and promotions that you shouldn’t pass on.

If you plan to be among spring breakers, don’t wait for the last minute to start getting organized. Have a look at the top 10 best spring break destinations of all time for inspiration.

In case you rather avoid the party crowd, Waikiki, Oahu, Hawaii is a great beach destination to consider. Hotels there are at their cheapest around this time of year and the Honolulu Festival takes place at the beginning of the month.

April – Early Summer in Europe

Southern Europe is fantastic in April. The Mediterranean coast warms up enough for visitors to have a great beach holiday and avoid the summer crowd.

The Spaniard, Italian and Turkish coasts all have amazing beach resorts that will gladly welcome you. For cheaper options with rich cultural backgrounds, try the North African coasts.

May – African safari

While in the northern hemisphere, May announces the beginning of warmer days, in Africa, it means cooler temperatures and a more bearable climate.

To make the best of this, take a safari. Nature will be flourishing and, for many animal species, it will be birthing season. This means lots of baby animals all around the place.

Tanzania and Kenya are both popular safari destinations. However, Zambia would be a better choice this early in the year. Here’s a month-by-month guide to African safaris.

June – Summer road trip

June. Summer. Road trip! There’s no better way to celebrate the coming of the summertime like with a road trip.

If you are in America, you won’t lack of road trip routes, destinations, and side-road attractions. The coastal Maine worth your time this early into summer.

Even if you are not in the U.S., there are plenty of iconic road trips around the world to inspire your journey.

All-American July

July is all about the Fourth and the celebration of the American independence. Rediscover the U.S. rich colonial heritage from strolling historic Philadelphia to marveling at fireworks at Mount Rushmore. Check out 7 all-American landmarks to haunt in July.

August Music festivals

Here comes peak season for summer travel. Everybody is going on a vacation and so should you. Only you could make yours truly stand out by attending a summer music festival. From Elvis Week in Memphis to Chicago’s Lollapalooza, there is much to do before school’s back to session.


September – Summer’s Last Hurrah

Labor Day marks the end the official end of summer. September is when people plan last-minute weekend getaways. Be smarter and plan ahead to one of the top fall beach destinations in country.

Also, note that the German Oktoberfest starts in the last days of September. It is one of the most iconic world festivals you must attend at least once in your life.

October festivals

From Oktoberfest’s last days to La Dia de los Muertos and Halloween, October is all about festivals. All around the country and the world, important cultural celebrations take place and local hotel and travel operators attract customers with deals and discounts. Take advantage of them and plan group trips.

November in colors

Enjoy the season’s pastel colors in the southern states, especially along the Blue Ridge Parkway. That’s why Virginia and South Carolina could just be the best travel destination in November to catch fall foliage most vibrant colors.

If you rather escape the country altogether, there are at least 5 world travel destinations that are the most interesting to visit in fall.

Holidays in Madrid

Welcome the New Year in style in Madrid. Among all the European top destinations, the Spaniard capital displays the lowest fares.

The many churches in town set up bright nativity scenes and joyful choirs. Madrid is also a fantastic shopping destination. Serrano is one of Europe’s top shopping streets. The shops show off glowing lights and cheerful window displays that would compete with NYC’s 5th Avenue… without the pricetag.

What do you think of this month-by-month calendar of travel destinations? Do you have any other monthly travel destination to suggest? Tell us all about it the comments below.

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