Top Beach Destinations to Travel to This Fall

It’s official, Fall has begun. It doesn’t have to mean the end of sunny days, and fun water activities. If you are among those who seek a warmer weather when comes the autumn chill, October is the perfect time to travel. Escape to one of these great beach destinations to work your tan, dive into water sports, or just relax.

Point Reyes, CA

It is when summer is ending that Northern California is the warmest. Enjoy this fantastic weather an hour and a half north of San Francisco, in a gorgeous haven for all outdoor adventurers.

The Point Reyes National Seashore has some amazing wild beaches and headlands. The waters of the Tomales Bay welcomes all sorts of water sports such as paddle-boarding and kayaking. It has hundreds of miles of an excellent hiking trail system that links its stunning beaches and other landmarks. Point Reyes is also a 71,000-acre natural sanctuary for Tule Elks, seabirds and a luxuriant flora. This makes it a dream spot for backpackers, campers, and wildlife watchers.

Wrightsville Beach, NC

The only thing that will remind you of fall here will be the fiery coat the sea puts on to great the setting sun. Otherwise, a visit to Wrightsville Beach brings back summer. It is the rendezvous point of surfers and boarders all of kinds. If water-sports are just not your thing, grab a pole for a fishing tournament. This beach is even perfect for just relaxing or indulging in local dishes. Despite the fall season, there are still a vibrant social life and plenty to do at Wrightsville Beach.

Mustang Beach, TX

The secluded Mustang Beach has to be the highlight of the Mustang Island State Park experience. The whole park and the Corpus Christi Bay are great for family weekend getaways and fall outdoor fun. Except for the beach itself, visitors will enjoy the scenic paddling trails, camping, and bird watching.

You will never get bored of the 5-mile stretch of beach or the 20-mile paddling trails and breath-taking views. If you do, you could always head north to Port Aransas and its stores and restaurants.

Dauphin Island, AL

When we think of the most gorgeous beach destinations, Alabama is not the first thing that pops to mind. Still, Dauphin Island stands out for its sugar-white sandy beaches and views of the Gulf Coast.

The quaint barrier island is a great under-the-radar locale for all beach goers, and sea lovers. Among things to do, eat at one of the top-rated seafood restaurants, travel by the Mobile ferry, or chill at the golf club. Dauphin Island also has some fantastic landmarks such as Fort Gaines, the Indian Shell Mound Park. For a relaxing afternoon, head to the Audubon bird sanctuary.

Siesta Key Village, FL

Nothing says endless summer like Florida. The Sunshine State’s best beach destination (and the best nationwide in 2012) is Siesta Key Public Beach.

Siesta Key has other beaches perfect for specific needs. Crescent Beach makes for a serene escape while Turtle Beach is a sportier beach with a younger crowd. For a different experience, rent a boat and sail the Gulf. Siesta Key offers some top accommodations for visitors as well. You will be able to stay in beach condos and cottages overlooking the majestic Gulf of Mexico.

What are you heading to this October or this fall? What do you think of this list and what other US beach destinations would you add? We want to hear from you.