A month by month guide for the best African Safaris

Africa, the second-largest and second-most populous continent of the world, has a rare and unique combination of the most attractive iconic locations. Many of the African countries have various attractive safari destinations including natural beauty and wildlife parks. So, planning to visit Africa is a great idea as you will be experiencing the exceptional beauty of nature,along with wildlife world.

When planning a trip to Africa, the best time to plan for it is when the animals are easy to find and out in large numbers. This varies greatly depending on the country (area of Africa) and season.  Seasons differ greatly, for example between Eastern and  Southern Africa.  Therefore one can plan out for great safaris in Africa for almost every month of the year. To be able to plan a perfect African safari and get great deals, see below for my month by month guide for the best African Safaris:


January is a good safari time for Tanzania, Uganda as well as Kenya. The climate here in this month is normally dry and the majority of animals gather in dense numbers around permanent water supplies. The migrating zebra, gnu and wildebeest are found in Tanzania’s northern parks at this time of year, especially in southern Ndutu safari plains.


During February thousands of wildebeests are born, so February is considered the best month for going on safari in Tanzanian’s northern parks. The majority of wildebeests give birth during the same three week period so you can see babies if interested in Tanzania, Uganda, and Kenya.


East Africa is the best place for a safari in early March. As Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya are still in the dry season, the density and diversity of the animals cannot be matched anywhere else. As a note, however, avoid March if you want to see gorillas on visiting Uganda.


April is the perfect month for those looking for discounted safaris and deals, as it is the rainy season. Since the rains bring plenty of water, the animals are dispersed and it makes them harder to find during safaris. Also, the plants and shrubs grow significantly during this period which restricts the view of animals. One can enjoy an exceptional safari in Tanzania this month without crowds. Namibia and Botswana are also very favorable places to visit during April.


Zambia is the best country to visit in May. It offers visitors a real wild African safari and many people prefer this experience. The rest of South Africa is dry, making Zambia more preferable as well. May isn’t the best time for Eastern Africa, but you can still see some animals.


Southern Africa is the best place for a safari in June. The best places to visit this month are South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana and Namibia.

July to September:

This is the high season for safaris, so book soon. Safari companies fill up for these months very far in advance. A great place to visit is Kenya – A wildlife park in Kenya called Masai Mara offers wonderful green carpet for millions of migrating wildebeests.


Zimbabwe, Tanzania and Kenya are the best places for safari in the month of October. The rainy season has not been yet arrived and the dry weather makes the natural scene more rewarding.


Zambia is best destination for safari during the month of November, as a unique wildlife events takes place at Liuwa Plain National Park and other great spots. Also, Northern Tanzania has wonderful migrating herds making their way back to the Serengeti plains.


The Eastern Africa regions like Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya are the best safari destinations for the holiday season. During December, these places have good dry weather with is perfect for viewing animals.

About the Author:

Smith Davis, is a travel blogger and tourist guide writes about the the best places to visit in Africa and on safaris in Africa.