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8 World October festivals Worth the Trip

Last week, we focus on the top US October festivals. It took us from the West Coast to the East to the Southern Voodoo festival. This week, we are going international. You know no one could mention October festivals without the German Oktoberfest. So hop in our party mobile as we visit the World’s best […]

The Quick Guide to the Top US October Festivals

Hold it! Don’t put that party dress away quite yet. October is the time for one final showdown before Nature puts on that dreadful chilly white coat. There is a little time left to enjoy the ultimate warm days and outdoor events. Do it all in music, food, and style as we walk you through […]

Top 5 European Festivals to Put on Your Bucket List

When it comes to festivals, Europe does it like no other continent. Practically every region has its own customs and traditions which are all reflected in countless cultural events and happenings ranging from exclusively local to internationally famous. If you’re headed to Europe, make sure to add these 5 festivals to your bucket list – […]

Indian Festivals: Your Quick Guide to a World of Fun

India is a highly spiritual country. Various unique festivals occur throughout the year. They offer travelers the fascinating sense of the rich Indian culture. Let’s visit the most popular festivals in India that you can participate in and be moved by. Diwali The “festival of lights” is a five day celebration of the victory of […]

Festivals around the World

People celebrate around the world in so many different ways and for so many different reasons. There are tons of strange, fun, and wonderful festivals that happen throughout the year in every part of the world. Some are for religious purposes, and others are purely for celebration. Below we highlighted a few festivals around the […]

A Month-By-Month Guide To Traveling in 2015

Do you have a hard time deciding where to go on a vacation and when? You are not alone. Depending on the type of traveler you are, there are many different factors that go into your travel planning. While budget travelers seek under-the-radar destinations or ways to travel off-season, others look for the most popular […]

Choose Your Honeymoon Destination According to the Wedding Month

Isn’t honeymoon the most awaited holiday in everybody’s life? The excitement of spending the most romantic time with the sweetheart is something that every newlywed eagerly waits for.  Shutting the world out, while enjoying the happiest moments of life, understanding each other, and showering them with love make a honeymoon an unforgettable phase of life. […]

12 Offbeat Places to Visit in Kerala, India

Kerala has been aptly named as “God’s Own Country.” This magnificent land is eminent for its backwaters, which are a reservoir of pure bliss, for its tea and spice, the aromas and taste of which play with the taste buds, its numerous beaches, and, the Arabian Sea coast – which stretches to almost 600km. The […]

5 Essential Tips for Backpacking Through Europe

Backpacking through Europe is an unforgettable experience. Regardless of which country you visit, you’ll be met with interesting people and rich culture. Every city has something to see, whether it’s modern architecture or homages to a country’s historical influences. With nothing more than a backpack for the essentials, people all over the world flock to […]

Your World Guide to Thanksgiving Celebrations

The world loves Thanksgiving just as much as Americans do. Every culture on Earth has reasons, along with their own ways,  to give thanks for the blessing of the harvest and the good in their lives. Let’s not pay attention to festivities copied- and-pasted off the American version. Instead, here are 5 original thanksgiving celebrations […]

Ten Amazing Things to do in India

The beauty of India lies in its diversity. India has an incomparable range of landscapes, people and cultures. It would take a lifetime to explore this great nation and study what is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. Yet, here are ten amazing things to do in India to get a real sense […]

5 Fall Travel Destinations to Fall in Love with

I love summer. I love it because I know I have to make the best out of the sun and the good weather before the Autumn winds blow it away for another year. But I know that fall is the best season to travel abroad. With school in session and the summer crowds long gone, […]