Top 10 Spring Break Destinations Of All Time

Isn’t it summer yet? With all these snowstorms across the country, what wouldn’t you give for just one warm day at the beach? Luckily enough, spring break is just around the corner.

With this rough winter, students are really looking forward to spring break; a sunny, carefree time amidst a season of cold weather and stressful exams.

If you haven’t figured out where you want to go yet, check out the wildest spring break destinations of all time. These might just be where your parents, older siblings, or your teachers went to have their ultimate college YOLO experience.

1. Panama City Beach – Florida

At PCB, spring break is an institution, covered by the likes of Fox News. PCB can get really wild with its street parties and beach bashes featuring the nation’s best Djs. The clubs, bars, and restaurants have special activities catering to all tastes.

Spring break in PCB is for you if you are the type of partier who doesn’t want to put too much effort into the planning. There are special websites set up to quickly book for activities that suit your travel budget. From exploring marine parks to dolphin discovery to sunbathing on yachts, you name it, they have it!

2. Lake Havasu City – Arizona

U.S. and Canadian students come to party on and around the most beautiful boating lake of the Southwest. The “Arizona’s Playground” will gladly host your craziest spring break festivities. Lake Havasu and its surroundings are the perfect set for the most spirited fun you will ever have. For instance, water activities range from waterskiing to paddle boarding to scuba diving.

Among the other appeals of LHC: the casinos, of course. Whether you are into gambling, attending sideshows, or just hanging out at the bars, the resorts and hotels offer all-inclusive discounts and insane event lineups that change weekly.

3. South Padre Island – Texas

Why should you choose South Padre? Well, it is not only for the full range of beaching activities on the picture-perfect Texas Gulf Coast. During spring break, the beaches are spotless and even the weather makes sure you want to step out to enjoy yourself. It is not even for the top-class yet affordable party venues such as outdoor concerts at beach bars. Visitors, this year, will be the lucky firsts to experience the all-new “South Padre Island’s Largest Pool Party”.

The best argument for spring break at SPI is the journey itself. South Padre Island is a fantastic road trip destination thanks to the long stretch of beachfront roads  and the interesting towns you can visit on your way there.

4. Austin – Texas

Austin is the liberal heart of a conservative Texas, and an all-time spring break favorite. Music lovers and foodies, particularly, would love the visit. From February through April, there are many live music events and festivals taking place. Plus all year round, visitors can indulge in mouthwatering Texan food – think ribs and barbecue.

The best part of spring break in Austin is the wealth of alternative activities in and out of the city. Attend Rodeo Austin, relax at the Krause Springs, or visit the Enchanted Rock or the zoo. Did I mention all the “free beer” events? Lone Star beer anyone

5. Cancun – Mexico

Puerto Escondido and Puerto Vallarta are fantastic Mexican spring break destinations. But none of them can live up to the reign of Cancun as the ultimate Mexican adventure for college kids. The Yucatan peninsula has the most beautiful sandy beaches in the world along with the most welcoming locals. Cancun has been catering to spring breakers for ages, which means you can expect a vibrant nightlife, breathtaking views, wild parties but also elevated prices.

The eclectic spring breakers, however, will choose Cancun not only for the wild crowd, the beaches or the all-inclusive resorts, but also -and foremost- for its Mayan culture. The Yucatan homes Mayan ruins, temples and pyramids, most of which are world heritage sites worth visiting.

6. Daytona Beach – Florida

If you think spring break in Daytona Beach is dated, think again. Daytona Beach invented the bikini contest and still hosts some of the most insane competitions there are. But you will want to visit DB for its cost of living… and party. The rooms here are significantly cheaper than Miami and PCB, leaving you with more money to spend on attractions and shops.

7. New Orleans – Louisiana

Mardi Gras, Cajun cuisine, the Saints; what else is the Crescent City famous for? I bet you wouldn’t say spring break! Yet, the party atmosphere, the crowd, and the masquerade around for Mardi Gras ensures that the French Quarter remains lively 24/7. Most people that come here don’t even attend the carnivals and spend most of their time on Bourbon Street, crawling the excellent restaurants, bars, and clubs.

New Orleans is perfect for you if you want to let loose without showing off your perfect winter body. Surprisingly, New Orleans outside of Mardi Gras can be a fun, friendly spring break destination if you want to explore the Southern Cajun culture.

8. Key West Island – Florida

Warm weather, exotic scenery, and a hard-partying reputation are enough to raise Key West at the top of spring break destinations. Key West is the only American Caribbean island and offers a subtropical climate year round, without the insane price tag.

People come to Key West for the pristine beaches caressed by the turquoise waters of the Gulf of Mexico. KWI is a water sportsman’s paradise, with activities ranging from sailing to windsurfing to kayaking. But if you visit, don’t overlook the other natural wonders and attractions available, including natural parks and forts.

9. Punta Cana – Dominican Republic

Like Key West Island, Punta Cana is the Caribbean without the cost. It ranks atop the cheapest travel destinations to visit in 2015. And who says cheap means compatible with a college student’s tight budget.

The Dominican Republic is overflowing with a fiery nightlife, unspoiled beaches, and all-inclusive accommodations. It is easy to tour the island in a day, with every part of it offering its own appeals and attractions. Enjoy!

10. Las Vegas – Nevada

Sin City is certainly not as tropical as a beach destination and doesn’t display as much debauchery as New Orleans but it is definitely college. Las Vegas homes the craziest daytime pool parties and party hotels. It is the preferred destination for bachelor(ette) parties and should also be your go-to spring break port of call.

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