The best sports bars to watch the Super Bowl

For many the biggest attraction of the Super bowl are the commercials, and for others its the chance to watch some amazing football. Very few are ever lucky enough to get a ticket to the Super Bowl, so most of us (commercial and football lovers alike) tune in on TV. This begs the question – where is the best place to watch the game?

This is not a decision to take lightly because this is TV’s biggest night of the year. In fact, the 2011 Super Bowl was the most-watched TV event in U.S. history, with 163 million viewers. So, the pressure is on to find the best place to enjoy the action. Some prefer the comforts of home and their own couch, but I suggest heading to a sports bar. Sports bars are the perfect place with cheap drinks, simple food, and strangers to cheer with and root against.

Here are the best sports bars to enjoy the Super Bowl:

1. Duffy’s Sports Grill – North Miami Beach

This place is covered from wall to wall with televisions, so you would never miss a second of the action. There is enough room for 700 people along with 200 flat screens. If you would also like to do something while watching the game then you could take a swim in their poolside bar where there are also plenty more TV’s to watch the game. They have plenty of food to choose from such as the traditional burgers and wings.

2. The Fours – Boston

Is there a better place to watching a sporting event than Boston? Boston has such a rich history with sports, so you better be ready for a large and lively crowd. There is sports memorabilia covering the walls, so you are in the best atmosphere possible. Be prepared to eat their traditional homemade clam chowder or towering sandwiches.

3. Auto Battery Bar – Seattle

Since Seattle is one of the teams in the Super Bowl, you know that this sports bar will be packed so you will have to show up early if you want a seat. While you are waiting for the game to start, you can enjoy a game of pool or shuffleboard with your friends, but once the game starts everybody will have their eyes glued to their 10 flat screens. One of their food specials includes the Hot Deep Friend Danger Dog, which is a hot dog covered in pepper bacon and served with chili sauce and sautéed onions. They offer free Wi-Fi so this will come in handy to those that will be doing a little smack talking not only in the bar but also on the Internet.

4. Lagasse’s Stadium – Las Vegas

Everybody knows that the Super Bowl is every gamblers dream, and what better place to watch the big game than Las Vegas. The betters are on the edge of their seats with every play that happens. They have more than 100 TVs to catch the game on and they have some of the best food to offer. If you are a football junkie then this sports bar would be the place to go.