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Stress-Free Adventure: Packing Essentials for Exploring USA’s National Parks

America’s national parks are wonderful destinations to take a vacation. From the breathtaking landscapes of Yosemite in California to the Glacier National Park in Montana, these stunning spots are very different, and all have certain features for people to experience. Anyone who will visit the country’s national parks will undoubtedly have an excellent adventure that […]

Inside the Frequent Flyer’s Suitcase: Packing for Every Eventuality

Comfort and convenience should be at the very heart of any business trip, with tighter schedules and higher stakes than virtually any holiday for pleasure can ever have. It goes without saying that acute organisational skills and a passion for forward-planning will serve you well on any work-focused journey abroad. But without a streamlined and […]

How to Master the Art of Minimalist Packing For Travel

Packing is the worst. Just when you think you’ve nailed the process, renegade shoes and forgotten electronics find ways to make a brain teaser out of your suitcase. You give up and pack another bag, but when you arrive at the airport, it costs not one but both your arms and legs in baggage fees. […]

Packing Tips You Need to Know for an Extended Stay

When going on an extended vacation, it is essential to pack correctly to protect your possessions during your stay. As you are going to be gone from your home a while, you need to be sure the house is taken care of and won’t be forgotten during this time. You also need to make sure […]

4 Essentials When Backpacking the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon receives millions of visitors each year, and a good number of them are unprepared for the trip. If you don’t want to find yourself lacking the essentials as you camp, climb, hike, trek and backpack around the cliffs, here are just four things you’ll want to include in your bag. 1. Knife […]

The Perfect London Packing List For Any Time of Year

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5 Essential Tips for Backpacking Through Europe

Backpacking through Europe is an unforgettable experience. Regardless of which country you visit, you’ll be met with interesting people and rich culture. Every city has something to see, whether it’s modern architecture or homages to a country’s historical influences. With nothing more than a backpack for the essentials, people all over the world flock to […]

4 Tips to Prevent Overpacking

The traditional packing dilemma When we think of making plans to travel out of town or even the country, packing is the next important thing after we are done with the booking of the flight. Most of us try not to carry too much, but end up taking more than was required. Some have to […]

The Ultimate Travel Planning & Packing Checklist

What to pack? How to best prepare for a vacation? How not to forget that phone charger? The answer could be as simple as a travel packing checklist! When planning a trip, you will have a thousand things on your mind. And oftentimes, it is the smallest things that you overlook that end up having […]

[Infographic] Step-By-Step Tips for Packing Light

“He who would travel happily must travel light” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery. These are—nowadays more than ever—words of wisdom. Airfares seem to become more competitive, year after year, making air travel more accessible to all. Yet, those are the trees that hide the forest of extra fees that you are paying: especially baggage fees. Recent […]

9 Packing Tips for Hacking your Suitcase Space

Now that it’s August, it is now or never to hit the road and make your summer memorable with a vacation. As such, it’s perfect timing for the second installment of our on-going series on “best travel tips on the internet”. After nailing the booking process, the next thing you need are these 9 packing tips […]

Tips for Packing Light

A lot of the time, travelers find it hard to figure out what they need to bring and what they should leave home. It’s often difficult to keep your suitcase under the weight limit because we pack too many clothes or shoes, and then at the end of our trip we realize we didn’t wear […]