4 Tips to Prevent Overpacking

The traditional packing dilemma

When we think of making plans to travel out of town or even the country, packing is the next important thing after we are done with the booking of the flight. Most of us try not to carry too much, but end up taking more than was required. Some have to resist the urge to carry their wardrobe with them everywhere they go, even if it is a two-day trip, which is awkward. Then why not pack wise as well as light? This guest post will share some packing hacks that you can benefit from while you are packing the necessary things in your suitcases or even a carry-on!

Manipulate your own mind

This is quite inevitable that no matter how big or small our backpack is, our mind tells us to overstuff it to the point of it exploding. In order to avoid this from happening, buy a backpack which is smaller in size and stuff it with all the things that you possibly could have wanted to carry with you. Then return the backpack to the shop and purchase the bag which you already wanted and put all the stuff from the smaller backpack into it. But make sure to resist the urge to stuff more. This way you will have enough space for the things that you buy on your trip.

The clothing items

Make sure to keep the criteria of the thickness, weight, quality, texture and wrinkles of the clothes that you take along on a trip. Make sure that it is light weight as well as wrinkle free so that you do not have to iron it each time you think of wearing it.

Things that are multipurpose

Pack those things that would serve more than one purpose, for instance, a headscarf that can be used as a table cloth, a beach cover up or even as a screen in a changing room. It keeps your suitcases light and spacious to fit other things.

The little yet important items

Your socks and even undergarments can be balled up inside the shoes that you carry in your backpack. Also, save some more space by not bringing items such as sunblock, shampoo, conditioner, etc. as the toiletries can be bought for cheap locally and will even be provided in the hotel room you are staying in.

Author Bio

Katy Ciara is the author of this guest post. She contributes her ideas related to traveling and other miscellaneous advice to Write My College paper For Me. She herself is quite smart when it comes to packing wisely, therefore, her advice is highly regarded.