Packing Tips You Need to Know for an Extended Stay

When going on an extended vacation, it is essential to pack correctly to protect your possessions during your stay. As you are going to be gone from your home a while, you need to be sure the house is taken care of and won’t be forgotten during this time. You also need to make sure all the things you bring will endure your stay. Here are a few tips to help you pack for your next trip. 

Coordinate Your Garments to Create Numerous Outfits

Choose a few basic colors to coordinate your outfits to avoid needing to pack too much clothing. If you select separates such as slacks, blouses, and jackets, then a few garments can mix and match to make numerous outfits, making it seem as though you have more clothing than you do. 

Pack Washable Garments

Make sure the garments you pack are easy to wash and dry. It is also a good idea to select clothing that doesn’t wrinkle or require ironing since you’ll be in transport for a lot of your time away. You may want to have clothing that you can wash in a bathroom’s sink and that you can hang over a bathtub to dry in just one day or night. 

Choose Travel-sized Gadgets to Save Space 

If you need to bring along a blow-dryer for your hair, then look for a travel-sized one at a local store. There are also hair curling and straightening wands that collapse to a smaller size. In addition, these items are often made of lightweight plastic to make the items easier to carry.  Look for smaller soaps and toiletry items to save more space as well.

Find Specialized Lightweight Shoes

Look for specialized shoes that are durable, waterproof, and lightweight. One of the biggest problems with an extended vacation is carrying heavy suitcases through an airport or walking all over a new city. Select socks that are thin, warm, and comfortable to protect your feet, and pack the items inside your extra shoes. 

Order Custom Equipment Cases

You can order custom equipment transport cases to pack items such as cameras, art supplies, or laptop computers to prevent breakage while eliminating extra weight. These cases have customized cushioning material to hold you items. Contact a custom equipment case company to provide the measurements and specifications required for the devices. 

Learn How to Fold Garments Correctly

If you learn how to fold garments correctly, then you eliminate the air from the clothing in order to create a small square or rectangle. Rather than packing a garment horizontally in a suitcase, set it on its edge next to other garments. 

Before going on your extended trip, pack your items in the suitcases to make sure that everything fits properly and that it is easy to transport the luggage. Make sure your luggage isn’t too heavy, and be sure the house will be taken care of while you’re away.

About the Author

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