The Top Blog Posts of 2015

2015 has been an awesome year for Travefy! We released new expense features, polls, iOS and Android apps, Travefy for Agents, and helped give professional travel planning a whole new meaning.

Here are the top blogs that were buzzing in 2015:

1. Top 10 Spring Break Destinations of All Time


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Isn’t it summer yet? With all these snowstorms across the country, what wouldn’t you give for just one warm day at the beach? Luckily enough, spring break is just around the corner. Read More…

2. The Best Bachelorette Hashtag Ideas

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Not only are we smack dab in the middle of wedding season, but we are also in the heart of the hashtag era. And whether you’re hashtagging with a purpose or just because everyone else does it but you don’t really get the point you’re still a part of it. Read More…

3. 50 of the Most Beautiful Places in the World


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It’s no secret that the world is one beautiful place. From magnificent beaches, caves with mystery, and mountains that almost touch the sky, the Earth has a lot to offer. Read More…

4. Top Picks: Best In-Flight Travel Guides 2015


Depending on their duration, the time of departure and the passengers, some flights can be particularly painful.  Noisy cabins, uneatable food, and cramped legs are just some of the worries during long-haul flights. Luckily enough, there are some awesome travel gadgets that will ensure that you do not go insane confined to your seat. From battery packs to sleep masks to robust carry-ons you won’t have to worry about, here are our top picks of the travel gadgets every seasoned globetrotter should have in their gear.  Read More…

5. Dream Weddings in the USA


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Ask any girl, engaged or single, and it’s almost a guarantee she’ll know the sort of place she wants to have her dream wedding. Whether it be a tropical-themed gathering by the beach or a rustic sort of occasion on a ranch, every couple has their own ideas and personal style when it comes to the big day. Read More…

6. Top 5 Singles Bars in Los Angeles


If Valentine’s Day is all about love, why is it we only celebrate couples instead of inspiring singles to find each other? If you happen to spend an evening in Los Angeles, we found five singles bars and venues perfect to meet new people and perhaps bump into your better half. Read More…

7. Top Lincoln Group Activities to Do


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Summer. Travel season. We wait for it way too long and when it finally comes, it never lasts long enough. That is why smart vacationers start planning trips as early as possible. Read More…


8. A Travel Chat with Dany Kelly


At Travefy, we like to throw the spotlight on travel pros and bloggers that we’re falling in love with. Meet Dany Kelly, a travel blogger who wants to enhance community relations through her passion for education, traveling and spirituality. Read More…

9. Road Trip Itinerary: Best of Eastern Canada


In our series of the North American road trips to take at least once in a lifetime, we have decided to explore Eastern Canada — a region that gives travelers a diverse taste of Canada, its cultures, and its natural scenic wonders. This is the perfect road trip for both city kids and country folks alike. Read More…

10. Travefy Talks Italy with Stephanie Brinkerhoff


Here at Travefy, we like to keep up with our fellow travelers. We recently got to talk to Stephanie Brinkerhoff of Hair and Make Up By Steph about her upcoming trip to Italy. Not only is she doing hair for a wedding in Capri, but she’s made an entire trip out of it. So we had to get the deets of course! Eating Italian food is totally recommended while reading. Hey, we’ve got to live vicariously as much as we can! Read More…



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