Working Abroad for a Year? What To Do with Your Personal Belongings.

International work assignments have become more common than ever, with the war for talent intensifying and top talents seeking opportunities that allow them to explore the global arena. Reports say as much as 90 percent of companies today, are prepared to send more employees abroad through the expansion of their global mobility programs. If you […]

Inside the Frequent Flyer’s Suitcase: Packing for Every Eventuality

Comfort and convenience should be at the very heart of any business trip, with tighter schedules and higher stakes than virtually any holiday for pleasure can ever have. It goes without saying that acute organisational skills and a passion for forward-planning will serve you well on any work-focused journey abroad. But without a streamlined and […]

5 Student Travel Jobs To Fund Your Wanderlust

College is the right time to gain some travel experiences and cultural know-how. But spending some time abroad can end up being expensive, and the dream of exploring the world can quickly be dashed if you do not have a large bank account. However, traveling doesn’t always have to mean spending money — sometimes it […]

Best Places to Study Abroad

Studying abroad is one of the best experiences you will ever have in your life. So if you still have a chance, you definitely should. Studying abroad really opens up your eyes to new things. You’ll experience the culture and cuisine of a foreign country. You’ll learn so much, not only from going to class […]

Beating the Sandwich Year Stereotype: Contracting in Germany

Sandwich years: they’re the dream fodder of many-a student, but the reality of surprisingly few. Those who take the plunge are often seen as the graduation-dodgers – the lost boys of the student world – by their peers. This is because more often than not, sandwich years turn into half-baked attempts at degrees, ending in […]