5 Student Travel Jobs To Fund Your Wanderlust

College is the right time to gain some travel experiences and cultural know-how. But spending some time abroad can end up being expensive, and the dream of exploring the world can quickly be dashed if you do not have a large bank account. However, traveling doesn’t always have to mean spending money — sometimes it can mean making it. Here are five easy student travel jobs that will help you fund your wanderlust for as long as you like.

1. Tour Guide

Do you have a international destination you love so much that you’ve studied it inside out? You know its history and culture but now want to go have a first-hand experience? You could put your extensive knowledge at the service of other travel lovers. Popular world destinations are always looking for guides: Puebla, London, Rome, etc. Brush up your local language skills and get paid to help others experience what you love.

2. Bartender

Are you a night owl or a committed bar crawler? Why not get paid to be where you’d end up anyway? All you need here is to learn the ropes of mixing cocktails, and you are good to go. Many institutions don’t need you to have previous experiences — they will teach you all their homemade secret recipes themselves. You can make big money on tips, while you earn some cocktail-mixing tricks to wow your friends with.

3. Au pair

If you are good with children and want to fully immerse yourself in another culture, you might want to look at this travel job. Provide childcare services and help with schoolwork in exchange for cover and board. Living with a host family can be a fantastic way to get a real local experience. Students and other budget travelers should look at this option as a sure way to finance summer vacations.

4. International Volunteer

Volunteer a lot in your local community? Crushed all the 5k runs for every cause imaginable? Why not put that energy in the service of an international cause? USAID and the Peace Corps are just some of the international organizations who are always looking for workers. You will make differences in people’s lives while improving your own résumé. If you don’t mind living on a budget or want to visit struggling parts of the world, I’d say “go for it!”

5. English Teacher

English is a language in high demand on the job, education, and business markets. One of the perks of being a native speakers is that people are willing to pay you for you to teach them, and teaching English is one of the easiest travel jobs you will find out there. I have friends who have taught English in various places in the world, from South Korea to Tanzania, and they had the best times of their lives (and awesome travel stories to tell).

These are just five simple, student-friendly travel jobs that can provide you room and board while you are abroad. Of course, the better you plan your trip in the first place, the more cost-effective and easy it will be on your budget. Travefy has an awesome travel planner for that. How do you finance your travels?

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