Working Abroad for a Year? What To Do with Your Personal Belongings.

International work assignments have become more common than ever, with the war for talent intensifying and top talents seeking opportunities that allow them to explore the global arena. Reports say as much as 90 percent of companies today, are prepared to send more employees abroad through the expansion of their global mobility programs.

If you have been presented this professional growth opportunity, congratulations! For sure, you will learn a lot and emerge from the experience much better than ever before. But before setting off for your job overseas, you need to do something about the “life” you are temporarily leaving behind.

You have a fully furnished home. You even have a car. What should you do with all of your goods while you are away? Some people have family and friends that they can entrust those possessions to, and you can do the same if your family and friends are willing to play guardians and have the space available.

However, if you do not want to burden them with the care or safekeeping of your personal belongings, there are other solutions for you to consider. Listed below are four of them.

1. Renting? Maintain Your Lease Contract and Lock Up Your Home

This is the easiest solution. The only big step you need to take is to just call the utility companies to inform them that you will be gone for a year so they can temporarily cut their services to your home.

Of course, this approach is only viable for those who do not mind paying monthly rent for a home that they are not using.

2.  Homeowner? Rent It Out as a Fully Furnished Home

Put the house up for rent and create a contract that will suit your purpose. After all, there are so many people who are looking for a fully furnished home. This is a fantastic way to use your time abroad as an opportunity to earn extra money.

Renting out your home will take care of utility bills and you get people who will look after the property while you are away. As for the valuable possessions that you do not want to leave at home for fear of damage, put them in storage.

However, you’ll need to come up with a solution on how you can manage and maintain the property as a landlord while you are away.

3. Move Out and Put Everything in Storage

Get ready to terminate the contract you have with your lessor or landlord and find a storage facility where you can store the belongings that you want back after your year-long stint abroad.

Storage facilities have units big enough for a car and all your furniture, appliances and personal effects. Whilst storage fees will cost you a bit of money, they are just a fraction of the cost of maintaining an apartment for a year, just to “house” all your personal items.

It is worth noting as well that this option provides you the advantage of complete security. Storage facilities are the safest places to keep your valuables. They have a 24/7 safety and security system to protect their clients’ belongings from thieves. Your items will certainly be much safer in storage than in a house with nobody living in it for a year.

4.  Sell Everything That You Can’t Bring

This is worth considering if you do not mind the idea of starting afresh once your year-long contract abroad is done. After all, fully furnished homes are easy enough to find these days, especially in the city. Also, if money is not a big issue, you can even buy a new home to move into.

Selling your belongings will free you from the burden of finding a place for them. At the same time, it can generate income that you can use for your return. You can use all the money you make from the sale to buy new and better appliances and furniture.

This is extra work for you. However, if you find disposing of everything you cannot bring with you a less stressful arrangement, just go for it. You can hold a garage sale as well as put your items on Craigslist, where you can sell or auction them off.

Meanwhile, for the few belongings that you do not want to sell, a storage facility is the perfect place for them.

Material things should not hold you back from pursuing greener pastures and growing professionally. Hopefully, you can use one of the solutions provided here so you can set off abroad for a better opportunity without a lot of worries on your mind.

Author Bio:

John Pfeiffer has been the proud owner of Ashtons Removals for 41 years. His attention to detail and his emphasis on training and empowering his team members, has ensured the vast number of Gold Coast families have had their furniture and effects moved undamaged and with minimum fuss.