Choose Your Honeymoon Destination According to the Wedding Month

Isn’t honeymoon the most awaited holiday in everybody’s life? The excitement of spending the most romantic time with the sweetheart is something that every newlywed eagerly waits for.  Shutting the world out, while enjoying the happiest moments of life, understanding each other, and showering them with love make a honeymoon an unforgettable phase of life. You want everything to be perfect while you are on your honeymoon, whether it is the destination, the hotel, the view, the food, the ambiance and even the weather of the place. Your wedding month can play a decisive role while you search for the perfect honeymoon destination. Choosing the honeymoon destination according to the wedding month ensures the most suitable climate, lesser crowd while, at times, also saving out on some bucks. Read on to find the best destination for your honeymoon across the globe according to your wedding month to enjoy your first vacation as a married couple to the fullest.

January Wedding: Australia

Southern Australian regions like Victoria, New South Wales and the famous town of Sidney are one of the best places for those getting hitched in January. January is cold and snowy in most parts of the world but not in Australia. Here you can enjoy drenching and basking in sun at the beaches and stroll at the stunning offshore islands hand-in-hand with the love of your life. You can also take part in various festivals like Festival of Sails, Portarlington Mussel Festival, and New Year’s Day Races at Hanging Rock etc., to add some unforgettable memories.

February Wedding: Caribbean Island

Another wintery month and a winter marriage; to beat the chilling cold of romantic February during the honeymoon, fly away to a warm place with your life partner. Caribbean Islands offer the best climate in February with nine hours of sweet sunshine and the cool sea breeze blowing all the time. You can opt for St. Lucia for the crystal clear water for snorkeling & diving, Anguilla for the scintillating coral beach & amazing couple spa treatments, Jamaica to explore waterfalls, Costa Rica to get closer to your partner in the lap of nature or Mexico for the totally relaxing days and buzzing nights. A number of adults-only resorts, private villas, and luxury beach resorts open up for the honeymoon couples in February.

March Wedding: Maldives

March, being a dry month, makes the month the prime season for honeymooners in Maldives. It is the best place to relax after the draining matrimonial rituals. Isolate yourself from the entire world in your own private beach, sparkling azure waters and soft white sands. The waters are clearer than ever in March and the sky shine brightly during this time of the year. You can take a dive in the alluring underwater, stroll through the glowing beach, snorkel riding a Dhoni or luxuriously cruise through the country in this month to etch your honeymoon memories in the heart forever.

April Wedding: Italy

The locals of Italy don’t flock the luxurious resorts during April, thus bestowing the honeymooners with the privilege to have the entire place to them for some intimate moments with your partner. The Easter celebrations are also at its peak, with Italians decorating their houses and streets, thus making it an amazing time to enjoy some firework and Easter eggs with your darling. With Italy warming up for summers in May, you can enjoy lazing around on the uncrowded beaches and doing cycle tours around the historic sites.

May Wedding: Japan

The perfect honeymoon destination in May can be none other than Japan. The garden in Japan, during this time, are in full cherry bloom and the climate is mildly warm at 23° C during the day with cool breezes during the night. Enjoy your stay in the ‘ryokan’ inn with private hot springs while on your honeymoon in Japan to spend quality time in the embrace of your beloved. The impeccable hospitality and finger-licking cuisine is something that attracts many for a destination wedding in Japan and if they can’t then honeymoon in May in Japan will be enough to make up for it.

June Wedding: Namibia

June is one of the best months to plan a honeymoon trip to Namibia. As the Namib Desert is on the Atlantic coast of the country, cool sea breeze rises and blows towards the land during this month. You can enjoy the wildlife safari in this cool and dried out weather with your life partner to share some moments filled with adventure. Kayak trip is also available in the month of March and even try sunset horse riding with your sweetheart in the open lands of this country.

July Wedding: Kenya

Combine your safari experience with exquisite beach stays for your honeymoon after the July wedding in Kenya. The adventure loving couples should certainly head to Kenya for the ultimate wildlife charm. Imagine the thrill of dining out with your beloved in the middle of a jungle with the four-legged beasts strolling around you. Enjoy game drive with your sweetheart and have fun to spot zebra and elephants and come back to a relaxing laze on the tropical beaches that offer a picturesque setting in July.

August Wedding: Turkey

For those exchanging the vows in August, the best place to head for your honeymoon can be none other than Turkey. While on the hot balloon ride in the city, steal glances of your partner’s face that will be painted with a big smile looking at the alluring landscape of the city below. Fuel up your romance by spending your time in the unique cave hotels offered in Cappadocia. The view from the Bodrum peninsular region becomes all the more attractive in August, offering a breathtaking ambiance while you cruise through the Turkish Riviera.

September Wedding: Bali

Bali is known to be the honeymooner’s paradise and not without a reason. The place offers amazing island resorts to the couples where you can spend intimate moments with your sweetheart. The beaches become calm and serene during September making Bali a true heaven for all those exchanging wedding rings in this month. Don’t miss out on Ubud and Sanur while on your stay here to experience Bali at its best in September. The sky becomes clear blue and the water waves soothe down to give way to amazing adventure sports like Jet skiing, parasailing, white water rafting, snorkeling, scuba diving etc.

October Wedding: Morocco

The best time to visit Morocco for a honeymoon is during the falls when people are busy with their lives and you get to spend some alone time with your beloved. The weather during fall in Morocco, with cool nights and pleasant days, is perfect for your budding romance to spread its roots deep into each other’s hearts. Sip the Moroccan mint tea while enjoying the breathtaking sunset view in the embrace of your sweetheart. Spend some nights under the star-studded night sky in Sahara after a day of camel riding across the dunes.

November Wedding: Vietnam

The best time to visit Vietnam is during November when the summer sun has become a distant memory and the cool China winds are blowing in full force. The beauty of Vietnam is underrated, thus making it an inexpensive honeymoon destination as well. Must-visit places for honeymooners in Vietnam include the picturesque locations like Hoi An Region, Nha Trang, Hanoi Region, Ho Chi Minh City, Halong Bay, Muine Beach, and Dalat or “Le Petit Paris”. The views offered by these places are spellbinding and would definitely cast a romantic spell on you.

December Wedding: Finland

To enjoy the coldly white snow of December, there is no better place on Earth than Finland. From frozen hotels and chic glass igloo stays to snow villages and eagle’s view suites, Finland will give you plenty of reasons to get closer to your partner on your honeymoon. Meet friendly huskies and reindeer to go sledding on the icy slopes or try snowmobiles, snowshoeing, and sailing in an icebreaker in this wintery country. Just watching the night sky here with your partner by your side would make your honeymoon worth it.


The honeymoon is the beautiful gateway to the new journey that you are embarking on with your life partner after marriage. Choose your honeymoon destination according to your wedding month to enjoy the best weather wherever you go with your partner.


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