9 Captivating Live Video Content Ideas

Imagine the delight of your clients and potential clients if they could see in advance some of the special events and activities you have planned for your next group tour.

Imagine the interest you would generate for an upcoming trip if you interviewed the chef who teaches a cooking class in your destination.

Imagine the enthusiasm you’d inspire by doing a quick walk thru of the cruise cabin showing the many features and benefits of the space; large closet, nice size sink, spacious deck.  Your potential clients would love to see the value.

Now imagine if your clients could ask live questions as you’re shooting the video! You could answer their questions, respond to their comments and show them more details that are important to them.  All this while building a stronger relationship.

Live Streaming Video

That’s the value of live streaming video!

Have you gone LIVE yet?

If you have a new destination or group tour you’re marketing, live streaming video is the perfect way to showcase the events, activities and culinary delights.  What an intriguing way to market to your perfect clients.

Live Stream Content Ideas

Consider these bits of content for your next video shoot.

  • A Day in the Life
    • What a perfect way to showcase what your clients will actually experience on their next cruise or land vacation.
    • Showcase cruise or resort activities
    • Open the door ‘behind the scenes’
  • Interviews are Captivating
    • Interview your favorite BDM for the latest scoop on their newest products
    • Interview a happy client about their latest trip
    • Interview a resort or cruise line staff. Think about the GM, chef, sommelier, rooms director, cruise director, maître d’, waiter, activities director.
  • Go local
    • Capture the wonder of local iconic sites. Think about the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Pantheon, the Parthenon, the list is endless.
    • Go local and capture the sights at a local market
    • Dig in and capture the essence of a cooking class

Valuable Video

The value of live-streaming video is that your clients can tune in, ask questions and see you experiencing what they’ve always wanted to see.  Talk about credibility building for you!  Talk about gaining client trust!

Live Stream Tips

Here’s some tips to ROCK your next live stream….

  • Tip #1 – test your lighting, camera angle and sound in advance. More sound tips.
  • Tip #2 – market your live date in advance and build buzz. More marketing ideas here.
  • Tip #3 – remember people will be joining in at random, so reintroduce your topic and yourself
  • Tip #4 – tune into the video below for more ideas on HOT topics and trends….

Go ahead, go live.

Don’t miss out on opportunities to reach new clients.

What will be the focus of your next video?

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