4 Tips to a More Popular Social Presence

How popular are you? Remember back in high school all the cool kids hung together and the rest of us…well we were in awe. Now that social marketing is part of our business lives, being popular socially takes on a life of its own.  While gathering fans is important, it’s more important that your fans […]

How to Expand Your Social Reach in 7 Simple Steps

So, you’ve got all your social sites set up and are actively posting. Are you wondering what more you can do to gain the attention of awesome clients online? Social media success doesn’t have to be all about guesswork – these simple moves in your marketing plan can help you expand your presence online. New […]

How to Conquer Video

Want to make crisp-looking social videos, but not super tech-savvy? Want to ramp up your video production, but run short on content ideas? Did you know that video generates 135 times more activity on Facebook than other styles of posts.  Yet many travel pros haven’t quite jumped into the director’s chair. Transform Your Video Skills […]

How 360 Video Can Power-Up Your Social Marketing

Imagine zip lining thru an exotic tropical forest; monkeys hanging in the tree branches below you.  Birds chirping above you.  Behind and below you is a thatch roof hut.  You cross a small stream and see a family fishing on the banks.  All of a sudden a huge monkey swings right in front of you […]

9 Captivating Live Video Content Ideas

Imagine the delight of your clients and potential clients if they could see in advance some of the special events and activities you have planned for your next group tour. Imagine the interest you would generate for an upcoming trip if you interviewed the chef who teaches a cooking class in your destination. Imagine the enthusiasm you’d inspire by doing a […]

9 Reasons You Still Need an E-Newsletter

Have you recently thought about making a major purchase—maybe a new car, new computer or new phone? Did you start some online research and then find yourself signing up for e-newsletters and webinars to learn more about your intended new purchase? Do you find yourself excited to open those emails that you signed up for? […]